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Francisco Bustamante VS Efren Reyes (1/2)

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World Pool Championship 2002

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  1. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

  2. does django use a Z2 shaft

  3. the question is if you can shoot the ball from a jump. and if you have preparation for the next ball. it’s still difficult to do a jump shot. just as doing a safety shot.

  4. hilarious how they comment on the kid eating chocolate

  5. strickland has beaten reyes though…

  6. two of the best 9 ball pool players in the world!!!!

  7. oh yes, get stuck in to that mate! LOL 🙂

  8. 2:03 listen to comements))) Very funny))

  9. the 2 best player……

  10. bustamante has a strong break

  11. yeah, why should one argue about jumping? it’s just another skill, you should work on as a good pool player. nobody has ever had the idea not to allow reyes to kick at a ball because he’s so good at it. so why should one not allow jumping to bustamante, when he’s obviously good at it

  12. a safety that can be jumped from isn’t super awesome at all. allowing jumps would encourage players more to perfect the pacing and angles of their defensive game. it’s very hard to jump a cue ball that’s tied to another ball.

  13. BUST TA MENTE lol so white

  14. yeah he should have gone for the outside bit so he would end up with less chocolate on his mouth

  15. one in a thousand whatever safties cant be escaped by jumps.. 99% of the time safties ar escaped by jumps.. which is lame.. a super awesome safety = jump.. lame…

  16. LMAO @ the chocolate kid.. and the comments about him .. hahaha

    Efren and bustamante they both beated strickland.. there for they both are my idols ^^

  17. The main reason for allowing jump-cues is that there are safes you can’t solve by jumping.
    If the safeing player wants to limit the options for the safed player, all he has to do is to save better.
    Besides, I think it’s mostly players that can’t jump that argue about jumping… Why else shouldn’t one like it?

  18. corked bats would make more entertainment 4 the baseball viewers:) i am a great jumper with my playing cue, someone using a jump cue, would be like someone using a corked bat against me in baseball.

  19. maybe you should suck my balls

  20. Adding the jump cue brings about entertainment for the viewers. If you and bone6966 are complaing about the jump cue, go and watch snooker.

  21. Adding the jump cue brings about entertainment for the viewers. If you and huyiy are complaing about the jump cue, go and watch snooker.

  22. i’ve always felt all jumpcues should be burned! if you can’t do it with your playing cue, then you must shoot a different shot. anybody can get the cueball up and down fast with a jumpcue, and that takes away from the true great jumpers of the games skill, and takes away from many great saftys.

  23. i dont know man, jump shots are i dont know shouldnt be a part of pool sometimes i think,, tho its really hard, bit i mean, you do a ridiculously calculated safety and escaped by jump shot, i mean the game is billiard you know, so billiard your way out of it…

  24. Awesome jump shot

  25. Thanks for this video. British TV always does such a first-class job televising pool – not surprising considering they’re such avid fans of snooker. We don’t get the chance to see much of this in the US, so I’m grateful. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks DeathbyLight!

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