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Francisco Bustamante VS Efren Reyes (2/2)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

World Pool Championship 2002

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  1. i like Reyes more,he is a magician ,i always believe that!

  2. Reyes once shot a .940% and LOST!

  3. its called “Sittin’ in the electric chair.”

  4. hi!! MSG me on M.S.N. ID is in my profile.

    lol @ all the comments on here 😯

  5. both of them are really good. i think bustamante is better shooter but reyes is better at playin safety and kick shots.

  6. 3:42 very clever

  7. Fransico is amazing when he is in dead stroke. Just makes the game so easy, being able to jugde every shot just the way he wants. And that break of his awsome.

  8. Really, thats way higher than Johnny Archer and Strickland. I heard most pros average only about 25% runouts and Archer and Strickland averaged 33% which is alot higher than most pros. To average over 60% runouts is insane. Are you sure thats correct. I know Bustamante runs out alot, but 60% is ridiculously high

  9. the only down side in pool is when everyhting is going smoothly for your opponent,, and you know you cant do anything to stop him from winning.

  10. i love how when the guy says soul food store, the other guy goes dead quiet….hahahaha

  11. Bustamante has the highest run out percentage out of any 9 ball player … a little over 60%… which is sick… his break is gross! balls fly everywhere.. he also has the fastest break record at about 40mph!! hes got the goods

  12. the hot referee is michaela tabb

  13. Man, Bustamante’s break is hard to beat. Great play by both.

  14. and when i going a see strickland winning this event as it was?

  15. its called “cheating the pocket.” you hit the ball a little off the heart of the pocket to increase the angle and hit the ball POCKET speed to make sure it rolls in without popping out AND getting ideal position on the next ball.

  16. good good !

  17. i agree with deathbylight, no matter what table you play on, adaptation is the key. And what misses are you talking about? He had a 5 game streak man, i dont think luck had anything to do with it

  18. Bear Custom Cue

  19. what cues does Bustamante?

  20. I think he does that on purpose in order to get position for the cueball

  21. Bustamante got a LOT of lucky rolls. The missed rail shot that hit the rail but wobbled and went in. On a non-bucket pocket table that wouldn’t have went in. The shot where he was getting shape but hit too hard and just barely missed the side pocket.

    Good player just a lot of rolls.

  22. superb accuracy and play

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