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How To Jump The Cue Ball

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

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  1. All your videos are very good man. 5 stars for every one from me. One question though, where did you get that glove from and how much for?

  2. do you have any video’s on patterns?

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. that video really helped me i will be checking out your website for sure thanks forcefollow

  5. thanks dude your videos help alot for a novice like me. im trying to get a leg up on my friends at the pool hall.

  6. Feel free to do so.

  7. Nice video instruction/explanation. I might have to embed this on my website. Thanks!

  8. The jump is like a basketball on the ground and hitting it to make it start bouncing? Except the cueball doesn’t compress like the basketball. but, the cloth is doing that part?
    I kinda thought it was “Pinching”, like pinching a Cherry Seed between your 2 fingers till it “Squirts out”.
    Just wondering….

  9. Great guide as always. Should also explain the physics/how it works, too.

  10. a friend for your video is very interesting but I would like you please translate to better understand I speak Spanish do not know if this will be good English. but I hope that you get a translator in Spanish

  11. thanks for the videos these have really help me play my pool better

  12. I believe it is because a double hit occurs. The tip & the ferrule come in contact with the ball. Only the tip may contact the cue ball.

  13. Very informative, thank you!
    One question – why are scoop shots illegal? I presume it’s because it can damage the cloth?

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