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How to Play Pool : The 8 Ball Break in Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Learn how to break in the game of 8 ball and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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  1. owned by 74tree – Good video!

  2. well hes obviously not as boring as you are, he has a total of over 45,000 views on this one movie…you have less than 100 views…total…on all of your movies put together. So quit getting one youtube and being to fucking stupid piece of shit that puts ignorant comments on peoples videos. that’s all i got.

  3. your boring u fucking old man go fuck your self

  4. lol, mr internet vigilante, aren’t you a bit late? I wrote that comment 6 months ago lol.

    enjoy the basics? all he told us to do was hit all the other balls with the fucking cue ball. How more fucking basic could you get?

    by the way, I’m sorry that your wish didn’t come true, because I did not in fact die in my sleep, and it’s already been 3 days lol.

    honeslty though, all he does is talk, there isn’t even a part of the video which shows him demonstrating the shot. what a great tutorial lol

  5. Hey shit head go fuck your dead grandmother. Some enjoy the basics. I hope you die in your sleep, TONIGHT.

  6. I agree with the fact that this is a video for beginners, as well as with the comment about action better supports an idea or concept. Let the man talk and move on. There are probably shooters out there that appreciate what he has to say. The argument against his video should be aimed more to whether what he says is valid or not. If you want to dis the aesthetics, do so on the camera work.

  7. You dudes down there, don’t watch this video if action is all you want.
    You may learn important stuff from talking!
    What there was only action, action etc. Would you learn something them? This is a LESSON for beginners, that means LEARNING.
    And about that demo-shot, read what Jinko846 said two comments under me!

  8. talking makes u fall asleep unless its an attractive girl lol we need a demo and even better if the girl did the demo 😛

  9. yo master…
    action is more important then talk…

  10. We don’t need a demo shot. He has explained well. Those that need a demo has not been listening properly.

  11. Oh please… too much. Please view my vid’s. What about how to set the rack first and correct to get the best break.

  12. Just talking, wheres the demoshot?

  13. boring…..

  14. Wow! four stars for this? He didn’t even demonstrate the shot

  15. wow, put the cue ball in the center of the table, and hit the middle ball. That’s all I got from this video. Oh, and don’t scratch on the break.

    no shit, this is the most basic crap ever

  16. well hes definatly got the theory down lol

  17. because its trying to draw you to the video, even though it sucks=)

  18. meh, the only ones i actually think are good are the parkour/free running ones.. they look sick.. but… other than that it sucks baaaad

  19. he can’t even do it probably

  20. was waiting for that…

  21. ummm… couldn’t u give a demo shot??

  22. hm…he scratches and breaks his balls….great vid xD

  23. UGH his voice is making me fall asleep.

  24. I agree, the basic message of this video is put the ball in the middle and hit the first ball straight on. Brilliant pool insight.

  25. Yeah you’re really impressive arent you

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