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Matchroom Mob With Chas And Dave – Snooker Loopy

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

[Video] Matchroom Mob With Chas And Dave – Snooker Loopy (Wiggy St Helens UK 2007) – VERY SAD HAHA

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  1. **cringes**

  2. lol that’s the best I’ve seen all week!

  3. who are you?

  4. Lol! @ Willie Thorne’s enthusiasm at 00:23!

  5. lol! this is great!!

  6. i remember singing this in primary school

  7. Hear, hear!! Have these people got no respect?

  8. Perhaps I oughta chalk it 🙂

  9. a nailed classic!!

  10. Steve Davis looks well young in this lol!


  11. I can’t believe they rate it in the 100 really bad songs!!! Chas and Dave are legends!

  12. a great song!

  13. who ever gave you the most illiterate person in the country a computer should also be “shoot”

  14. willie thorne is not dead he still commentates i got his autograph last week!!!

  15. Ah, Steve Davis was a cutie. When I was seven, I used to tell the kids at school that he was my boyfriend!

  16. It’s so silly so that it is good again. I love it. And I will have a new earworm for days. 5 Points.

  17. top notch show

  18. Way late I know, but yes, I knew you were joking, and so was I.

  19. My favourite bit is: ‘Pot the reds in! Screw back! For the yellow green brown blue pink and black!’

  20. When does a remix come? Maybe made with techno/rock/metal and the “new” snookerpros??

  21. 2.54! XD He’s so different! So cute! lol

  22. Just did the same thing for my ten year old son, giving this to another generation, lol! =D

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