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Nick Varner vs. Efren Reyes

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1994 – US OPEN

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  4. godly cue ball control by the magician.

  5. agreed, Varner until recent years, has a been a champion, absolutely. Reyes? well, we all know about him, Cesar Morales. lol

  6. This was a great rivalry back then…

  7. he’s like a living legend..

  8. Im not responsible for this comment,I didnt write it,I dont know how it happened,my only guess is that when I was at a public terminal,someone else typed it in when I left the terminal,I didnt do it,I appreciate pool,It Fucking wasnt me!!!

  9. emo, go back to school, reyes is not chink, he doesnt look chink either, he look more like pacific islander, you are so fucking dumb, i bet you are the dumbiest in your school hahahaha. looooossseeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. Its sad to see someone as unintelligent and racist as yourself actually appreciates the sport of pool enough to watch this video.

  11. Id like to kick that gooks ass all the way back to slanty land,where that stinking chink belongs,F^%$ Reyes.

  12. voglio un video con solo i colpi migliori!

  13. hahah i did ask him and i felt stupid but he laughed and said all kinds all kinds of gum .lol i fine it any gum is good bc it keeps you nice and wired

  14. all that jerkin’ and strokin’ wears me out!

  15. hahah want me to ask him today?

  16. 8:46 crazy shot

  17. great upload, thanks. i have a bunch of old matches on tape, from the old prime sports channel that was on direct tv 10 15 years ago. i’ll burn them to dvd, and upload em. someone on ebay sells the exact matches, which prime sports is no longer in service 4 many years. announcer on prime drove me nuts, cause it when they used 2 put a regular announcer with a pro 2 announce, and the prime announcer knew absoutelly nothing about the game at all, i hate when they do that. jim rempe is a gr8anouncer

  18. did you notice that everytime when he stroks he stops for a sec and then he shoots,he cueing the cue ball to the object ball,you will see all the best pinoy players do the same thing!plus it loosen your arm !which is a big key in any cue sport!im korean but I play like pinoy..and YES it helps alot!!!I would tell you more but it was taught by the best teacher in the Philippine’s !!!!!!!thank you Sammy!!hope I gave you enough info now go practice!!!lol

  19. Nick Varner is awesome. Btw does anyone know what kind of gum he chews. maybe that will help my game

  20. He is much better than Varner. When was the last time Varner won any major tournaments? Thank you very much!

  21. “You like pop-sickles? I’ve got a whole freezer full in my cellar”

  22. dude anyone who thinks that efren is much better than varner obviously doesnt know what the hell they are talking about varner is also in the BCA Hall of Fame

  23. lol filipinos all have wobbly stroke..even bustamante has the most wobbly stroke ever!..thats juss how us flips play

  24. so dose that mean you’ll spot varner the 7? or…..

  25. yep. the magician is in his own league way above. varner sucks.

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