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Pakistani Classic Comedy 50/50 – Snooker Champion

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

Ismail Tara As Snooker Champion

Credit : Qasim

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  1. Had I never seen 50-50, I would never have known Ismail Tara was such a cool-dude/good actor ! :p

  2. evergreen comedy pure class

  3. this is fucking gay

  4. its fantastic

  5. Azaming= hahah

  6. Ismail Tara is the BEST

  7. lol tooo funny

  8. ya you are right his reaction was damn funny

  9. i agree the music made it even better

  10. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat yar

  11. jaan of fifty fifty ismail tara and majid jehangir

  12. this is smashing mate

  13. hilarious ismail tara is the man…

  14. Aho chaliyay!
    the voice that he puts on…lol

  15. LMAO, I miss that old Pakistan.

  16. that was beauty, pakistan produce wonderful comedy on that time.

  17. that music was an awesome touch!

  18. hahah look at those looks he gave, responding to a compliment 😀

  19. thks. i dnt think they needed any speech at the end. the sketch was funny without voice. thanks anyways thoug

  20. that was so funny. Pakistan produces some very great comedy.

  21. aaaahooo chaliyehhh

  22. the girl says ” u r not the hero of some movie evrywhere u start acting and uve been acting for 4 hrs”

  23. gran programa de comdia de pakistani tve gran actor ismail tara puta madre fantastico

  24. that was funny. but what does the girl say at the end?

  25. hahaha snooker champ !

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