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Parvez Sharma

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Parvez Sharma is a gay Indian Muslim who took six years to make a documentary, ‘A Jihad for Love.’ The documentary explores homosexuality, mostly in Muslim countries where homosexuality is forbidden.

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  1. Great, Parvez!
    Wish you luck.

    janminne, Dutch gay catholic pastor.

  2. gay parvez ass crack sharma go to hell

  3. So they chose islam? LOL! As I understand there is not much to choose from, when you are born to islamic family.

  4. Why can’t so-called Muslims refrain from using such bad language and start facing up to realities. Stop embarrassing yourself in front of everyone and trying to bully others into your narrow-minded thinking. Freedom of speech: something I am ashamed to see so lacking of the Muslim hypocrites living in Europe.

  5. Anyone who wants to enjoy my pretty little twat?


  6. CalleAlJalili..are you for real!!

  7. i dont understand why ur defending dis gayboy

  8. faggots dont deserve no respect..dirty bastards

  9. Islam at the forefront of Islamic rights for women? In Pakistan, Saudi, The Yemem? Where have you been…that’s a joke!

  10. I hate to tell you the bad news – but Muslim countries have gays: all classes and all types! It exists. I would respect a ‘fag’ as you call him before someone with such fascist nature as yours.

  11. u respect a fag?

  12. A man I really respect and I hope Islam will be dragged into the 21st century!

  13. Ragaman -I’ll be the first to admit I am ashamed of some of the things people have done in the name of Islam but please understand the religion before you condemn it. Prophet Muhammad was not not sexist. During it’s revelation, Islam was at the forefront in protecting women’s rights. Marriage was a way to protect legal rights of women who would otherwise be ostracized from society due to tribal customs.
    Please seek to understand the religion first
    To learn more read: “Muhammad” by Martin Lings

  14. Supermanpaki – don’t know what sort of Muslims you claim to be speaking on behalf of – adultery is forbidden in Islam.
    Furthermore, don’t try and defend Islam by making perverted statements about Hinduism. The Qur’an cites that there were 124,000 prophets before Muhammad. Many scholars indicate that Ram, Krishna, Buddha among others were once prophets (i.e. the divine vessels of God seeking to guide humanity in a positive direction). Learn from Hinduism don’t diminish it to something it isn’t.

  15. ram was faggot

    so was mohammed who was a ugly cock pedo and a rapist
    did you know he had 11 wives, legalized prostitution, women as war booty
    and was a murderous thug who killed people constantly

    you understand that and have a good night thinking about it

  16. Ram was faggot so was krishna. My friend open your eyes. haven’t you seen hindu gods dancing like faggots shaking their booty left and right. hahahahahah. so thats why sita left him for Rawan who was ugly sri lankan but he i guess had a huge dick.. i hope that helps you understand .. have a good day.

  17. Fuckhead, whats the problem wth you?

    ram was not gay…. neitherr wwas sita desperate
    thats a fact

    btw, mhammed and aisha case is pretty much documented

    so you lose

  18. Yea yea thats what they say. Actually history says that Ram was a gay faggot and thats why she preferred srilankan black dick . anyway thank you for accepting that hindu gods were gay. i am not being rude either.

  19. That was not rude
    its just to make things clear in your head

  20. no… they say he didn’t fuck with her
    Its just disputed, but many opine that he didn’t do anything

    Its like saying muhammed sexed with 6 year old ayesha
    but now you say she was 9

    Its like that

  21. you forgot what happened to Sita when she was taken to Srilanka and was screwed By Rawan in her asshole? Rawan was not muslim he was srilankan. ok? you should be angry with srilankans not us

  22. LOL yeah

    i think its other way around
    Christians and hindus are fucking with muslim women

    Muhammed is so paranoid that he gets so pissed off when I take a shit on kurrraaaannn

    now go rape some more women just like your guru muhammed (pbuh-pedophile banging underage ho’s)

  23. Looks like some muslim sodomized you or your family.
    but let me assure you muslims are not gay or child fukkers like hindus and christians etc. We only screw your mother and sister.

  24. lol he is a muslim

    I guess muslims are natural pedos
    Cuz they follow muhammed
    who is a sexist and promises sex for men to win kingdoms

    he is smart
    he should run a whorehouse

  25. There are no sharma in our punjab. it is all hindu race. hindu gods like krishna are gay so i think it is ok to be hindu and gay.

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