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Pool Champions of the world (2) – Efren Reyes

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Pool Champions of the world (2) – Efren Reyes

Note: this is regrouped here from a previous upload by Youtube user (thanks to) “”

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  1. shitty song, shitty lyrics. no talent

  2. the song called dumb by lickinpuss

  3. Song is dumb.

  4. I’m so getting sick of this song

  5. Semih is not the best carom player. Blomdahl and Ceulemans are the best.

  6. What can I say about Reyes? With Earl Strickland, Alex Pegulayan , and at snooker Ronnie O Sullivan they are the top players around the globe..At carom the best player is Semih Sayginer..Top players!! -off topic, do you know which is the song in the backround of this video?thank you..

  7. efren reyes is the best pool player ever!!
    hes a pool master

  8. Im just glad to see Efren in this era. Watching this grand master play gives me goosebumps. Genius of the game!! He may not be the best 9baller in the world, but he IS the greatest one pocket and rotation player of all time. No one can out-move or out-smart Efren in those games. Its a FACT!

  9. To read it for yourself search the web for 9ballpool and select the uk version. when you’re on the site select interviews. Then select Daryl Peach. I’m an American but I always root for Efren. It’s about being professional, humble and likeable. Not to mention amazing to watch. I know Mosconi was great in his time but his skills are no match for Efren. Not as an all-around player. Efren is just too knowledgeable. That’s just my opinion of course.

  10. Daryl Peach was asked the following question:

    7. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest ever to pick up a cue (snooker, pool, whatever)?

    Here’s his answer:

    Snooker: Ronnie O’Sullivan

    Pool: Efren Reyes

    Overall: Efren because I saw him play Jimmy White and Ronnie O’Sullivan 6 years ago, at snooker best of 5 for £100 each if I remember rightly: he beat both of them with his pool cue, and he made 3 centuries!! Now that’s special.

  11. im american and am not ashamed to say that efren reyes, bustamante. all of them can kick our ass.

  12. go learn about pool and snooker and then come and say somethin. efren brought pool to a new phase and ronnie doesn’t have 5 percent of what efren has in pool. ronnie is a snooker player, and if u wanna know how’s ronnie in pool, go watch his matches in the IPT. efren is the most talented pool player ever.

  13. Put your English pride away. Efren is the best, hands down. Why do you Brits feel so insecure that you have to try to beat someone down?

  14. I want Efren to play vs Ronnie O’Sullivan two matches only.first match is 8 ball and second is snooker

  15. simply the best!his capable to be called “the magician”

  16. sweet……..bata,the best

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