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Pool Stroke Part 2 of 2

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Sorry for headless angle. I hope you get the info.

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  1. Snooker technique is great for pool. Have you ever seen steve davis play pool? He’s awesome.

  2. Is that wrong if someone in pool goes down as a snooker player?

  3. when YOU shoot do you have your elbow and forearm perpendicular to the floor?

  4. It would be ideal. But some pros (gabe owen) do not have perfect alignment.

  5. i get confused..i dont know if my elbow and forearm should be in a perfect line or not….

  6. That’s what I’m saying.


  7. It is a myth that most players try to keep it level as possible. The try to keep the cue on the same plane, be it a few degrees above level or what not. It’s never jacked up high in the air, but it is FAR from level as possible for most pros.

  8. im a filipino really fun of playing pool and i am so thankful with your vids. Its really great watching all ur vdeo clips.

  9. Damn. I always jab, like hitting the cue ball fast will hit the ball harder. I have to start with changing from a hard grip.

  10. Check my vids or biljartkaitzer’s whipshots collection, you’ll see that neither of us draws the cue back, the proper technique is a “weightless” stroke, this means that no additional weight from your hand grip comes to play (pressure on the cuebutt means additional weight). I get that by holding the cue just with middle finger and thumb, the weight of the cueball is enough to make your cue squirt and get out of the way.

  11. you cant always follow through (1:54). if balls are close you must avoid a push shot with a fast but short stroke. this is one of the most common mistakes by beginners.

  12. Good vids. Nice job!

  13. nice vid.. appreciate it…

  14. thx for your time and effort, very useful information. keep up the good work

  15. sweet..makes my muecci look pretty shabby

  16. Mcdermott m14b, but that particular cue is a Strickland cuetec with a thunderbolt shaft.

  17. just curious what kind of stick do you play with?

  18. nice Technique instruction will help me alot…thats one of my many flaws is my Technique.

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