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Pool Trick Shot – Don’t Break the Egg

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Billiard Trickshot – Don’t Break the Egg by World Trick Shot Champion Andy “The Magic Man” Segal on Inside POOL Magazine. See more trick shots at

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  1. ..? That’s not a lisp, it’s called being a jew!

  2. thith thotth making me hungry for breakfatht

  3. This shots makin me hungry for some breakfast

  4. this shot is making me hungery for some breakfast 🙂 WHAT

  5. Pause the video at 0:40 – the 11 ball is in the corner of the rack nearest the 9 ball.
    Now Pause it again at 0:55 – it’s the yellow 1 ball in the corner now. If you step through the next couple of frames, when the balls just start to scatter, you’ll see the 11 ball is in the middle of the rack where the 8 ball normally is in an 8-ball rack.

  6. NO the 11 was still there.

  7. Looks like he didn’t make it on the first try – during the setup explanation, the 11 ball was in the corner of the rack.
    When he took the shot, it was the 1 ball.
    Great trick, nonetheless.

  8. ers pila malo

  9. haha you didnt get all the balls in jk that was pretty sweet

  10. lol i just noticed the lisp 😛

  11. looked little more than 1/2″ but not that much. Good shot none the less

  12. andy thegal needs some breakfeth. jk ur god

  13. Silentnoise92, post your video response of you doing the shot and you won’t look so much like a jealous jerk

  14. You’re retarded, that was stupid.

  15. what? no way! this is cool!

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