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Position Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized … pool billiards billiard snooker carom drill practice position shape pattern two rail eight ball nine lesson lessons

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  1. lol tinsbumi, sorry m8 thats a bad comment can tell you dont play…..

  2. thank you very much you are very good

  3. Very impressive shooting . I wouldnt be able to do that in a million years..
    I rate this a 5 (awesome).

  4. great great drill ty for posting;)

  5. I think the hardest one is the 5 at the bottom rail …

  6. feeling and lots of practice, that’s what I do

  7. how can you figure it out which side of an english to use?

    i still got confused which side english to use if i want to make off the rail shot

  8. daaaaaamnn you are good. thanks for all the vids

  9. Excellent! I would have appreciated a few more seconds of the setup on each shot, so I could note the cuetip position. Or maybe you could just say something like “1/2 tip at 5 o’clock” or some such. I hate to cavil at such a valuable service, but I need all the help I can get!

  10. If any UK pool players are watching, I think you have to focus on your use of spin/english a lot more because, we can’t “cheat the pocket” as much, there isnt a lot of room for negotiation in our pockets, so the use of check sides is imperative in doing this drill sucessfully.

  11. that is a great drill, just what I need for position practice, thanks a million for posting.

  12. Great vid. forcefollow, how many times did u have to attempt each shot b4 u got it rite?

  13. awsome keep it up make more plz i may go pro lol sick vid

  14. superb drill…

  15. that is nice thats for the help

  16. wow nice thanks for the tips

  17. Omg..I wonder how accurate the pros on tv would be doing this drill.

  18. Great video. This drill looks a lot more difficult than it seems.

  19. Thats amazing

  20. great vid, good exercise!!

  21. Excellent idea. Thank you.

  22. great vid.

  23. yet again awesome. thanks. keep them coming!

  24. very nice, will try

  25. It took about 10 minutes.

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