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wake up and smell the beautiful roses from the planet.. ^_^

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  1. 31 January 2009 1/Ahay

    Dulce started 1937/1938

    Didn’t FDR have all these publicly-funded public works programs going during this time as a means to ease America out of the Great Depression?

    Imagine What has yet to be accomplished in the coming years with the President’s Stimulus Plan!!!

  2. Just download my videos, store it in a nice safe place.

  3. could you send me this text in an email maybe??

  4. i dunno why but those alien pictures freaks me out for some reason.

  5. Will I will say one thing in flying from nevada, to califonia , to florida with lay overs in colorado. I have noticed what appears to flat land with cement squared structures that seem as if they go under ground. & I rember I thought it strange, b/c it was in secluded areas and sometimes they had large vehicals around the entrance and that was it!!

  6. some sheep will never wake up until its too late,this is his case,ignorance is bliss,let him dream,he will commit suicide when he finds out what the world really is

  7. look I Like alot of your Stuff Utubeurassoff But I wish you would Narrator the info I just get tired of reading massive info I do alot of research An I believe The Are Alien Hell your right It talks about it in the bible in Mutiple chapters GEN EZK ANd a few others Hell in Proverbs talks about Masons so Hell maybe they wrote the bible Sure Is adding up ANyway Im not bad mouthing Your video Its good stuff Just really not in the reading mood tonight.(I DO A LOT OF READING!) Sorry : /

  8. Wake up “Sheeple”

  9. this stuff is hilarious.
    I want some of those drugs you’re on, are they prescription? or simply recreational…..?

    I’m glad that you posted it, I needed cheering up…..

  10. This information is amazing. Thank you YourTubeYourAss21!

  11. here, youtube this in the meantime till I upload all the others:

    Interview With Thomas E. Castello Part 1 of 7

  12. Anyone can up the information, most of this information is on the net but not to many also someone did a video on this as well on youtube.

  13. Thats why I keep telling people, Please be very strongly aware of the information now and download my videos while you still can cause I can assure you about another year, internet will be in 100% strict control. So download my videos, store the files in the safe place, thats what I would do, just in case you want to look back for future reference when the information becomes unavailable, and it will be without any question in the future. They are watching me, I know they are. Thank you.

  14. is it ok i record just this series and put them on my channel just in case they try that again if they are so afraid of this then lets put it up everywhere

  15. 4 will be up soon. check back soon.

  16. says content inappropriate. They are really watching now, you can bet your bottom dollar. reupping soon. check back soon.

  17. can’t find part one wtf

  18. Very interesting videos, all 3 parts.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. There is something very sinister that overshadows and controls our existence as humans – trouble is the truth is interwoven with so many sensational lies and disinformation, it is difficult to know the real from the unreal. But, I am in awe of your determination, spirit and sleuthing abilities. We live in a culture of deception. Great videos with a professional approach.

  20. AWESOME,,,this is some scary shit man 🙂

  21. thanks a lot!!!

  22. I will state it on the last video in this video series.

  23. what’s the name of this game? it look like a RPG soundtrack…

  24. From super nintendo game music.

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