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Ralf Souquet and Earl Strickland from Mosconi Cup

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Ralf Souquet Interview 2 from Mosconi Cup talks about conflict with Earl Strickland by Inside POOL Magazine video at

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  1. Take some testosterone,it looks like you need it.

  2. yep, earl the king…king shit. take somr anger management classes, dude.

  3. ralf is a class act…

  4. both men are pool heroes of mine. Ralf is a total gentleman and such a nice guy. Earl is an absolute prick – but great entertainment! i love them both.

  5. I think people need to understand that Earl doesn’t act like a complete nut for no reason.. He has to be mentally sick.. if anything earl can be a role model in a sick sort of way. A friend of his told me that he was bipolar, and after hearing that I think he deserves a little bit of credit. if you have a sickness and you can shoot as great as he can, American or w/e credit is due. Judging him does nothing but put him in a worse place than he already is.

  6. I’ve always liked ralf’s game watching him on tv. especially watching someo of his games on espn classic from the 90’s, but seeing how patient and level headed he is makes me like him as a pool player that much more… earl strickland without a doubt is great at this game, some even say the best.. I believe at least one of the best, but he wears his emotions on his sleeves… and hes pretty derogative and demeaning towards people when hes losing

  7. How could one guy give an entire country a bad name? Get a life. Just because Germany had Hitler who was one man doesn’t mean we think all Germans are crazy nut jobs. people over seas need to stop judging Americans by our stupid Hollywood losers or one pool player.

  8. man i hate Earl. He is such a soar loser and cant take it!

  9. It doesn’t give Americans a bad name. Just Strickland. He could take a few lessons from Ralph in class. Watch videos of Ralph when he loses.

  10. Man, Earl gives us Americans a bad name.

    Shame on you Earl.
    Shame, shame.

  11. ive seen a few videos of strickland and he seems like a real tosser


  13. tony drago was good

  14. Ralf is a classy guy. Ralf as much as you try you cannot polish a turd!!!

  15. This is what the sport no needs.

  16. This is what the sport needs.

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