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Rube Goldberg Billiards!

By • Jul 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

Awesome! Must see!! It’s a type of Rube Goldberg contraption but like billiard dominos! It’s so good!!

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  1. It sounds Polish.

  2. It’s French i could understand if you can understand French you can understand how fucked up these people are.

  3. there are two cues right next to eachother.

  4. when the ball goes from one table to the other, how does it balance on the pool cue?

  5. hahahah it be funnier if he messed up on the first shot

  6. Haha. Yeah.

  7. Imagine if he’d missed the first shot…lol

  8. HAHAAAHAHAH!! cool! I didnt understand a word what they said but its freaking awsome!

  9. HA ha hahahahaaaaa

  10. dam seriously…

  11. It was ok.

  12. freaking sweet

  13. pfft… 🙂

  14. that chick in the blue behind the guy with long gray is hott

  15. You do better, you fucking prick

  16. wooot 100 years to make O.o!!!!

  17. please shoot me if I EVER see this again.

  18. dang! i gotta try that! straight up AWESOME!!! 😀

  19. Not that great

  20. O_O speechless

  21. that must have taken 69 years to set up


  23. HOLY JEEZUS!!!

  24. Donty Donty Donty Dont

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