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snooker 133 break

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

hitting a break of 133 using the gravity snooker cue by neil johnson from liverpool snooker academy its amazing
hey guys you all need one

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  1. wow what a big front room great break

  2. i think its pretty great to be honest! nice one father! much love x

  3. With a wife that loud, I’d be playing snooker all day too!

  4. A lot going on in the Background

    Beautiful Table and Well Played

  5. wow u should try for pro. vg

  6. wow you should try and play snooker on tv!!!

  7. very nice Break man…it was hard 🙂

  8. The guy in the video is actually the inventor of the Gravity Cue Neil Johnson. I believe 8-ball pro Neil Raybone is using one of these cues at the moment. I understand the theory behind it but have not tried one to see what improvment it makes if any.
    Good break though and actually quite a good quality video.

  9. hey this is brilliant and no because of the break its because of your cue action and rhythm. You most certainly have had some god coaching. The pause on the final backswing is imperative to a good player yet it is very rare to see.

  10. them balls were far from easy to clear, took some good work, well done. id still fancy my chances of beating you though 😉 wheyyy everton are shitttt

  11. snooker skills = impressive
    shirt = not so

  12. I think that the break is 134 but I’m not realy shure

  13. that last comment was aimed at dave roberto carlos

  14. id like to see a video of u playin cos your so perfect!!! id kick your arse any day
    lets see a video of you playing then chicken……

  15. nice one mate well done,,, nice pink there at the end with the rest,,

  16. the tables crap it dont run through much so cue ball slows down quick witout anything done it… im going to snooker now bye

  17. very good,absolutely perfect……..5Stars*****

  18. Absolutely great! It requires very high skill to do a break like that. Respect.

  19. stfu. this guy is great.

  20. excellent 1 !!!

  21. haha your an idiot lad its called a plant

  22. Despite what all the “so called” pros that keeps finding negative things to sayd running a game of snooker is something that very few in the world can do. Put on a tux and couldn’t tell that u aren’t a pro.

  23. you can if the red hits another red and pots its called a plant.

  24. Nice knock their mate. I’m amazed your that good with a basic technique thats so bad. You defo hate the rest by the look of this break, seem to dislike power shots and your shot selection is mostly awful…apart from all that though, your a cracking player!! lol

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