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Snooker: 147 by Stephen Hendry in 1995 ( vs Jimmy White)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

Compared to QUICKFIRE O’Sulliven, he was calm and patient, and of course, stable and accurate.

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  1. yeah the point is when hendrey was in his prime the level of competition was far far from what it is now in ronnies prime, look at the top 20 players now and compare them to top 20 then!! anyone in top 20 can win a major tourny now, and thats not me saying it, virgo, dvis etc were all saying it and they play the game.

  2. hahaha the referee kisses him at 11:33

  3. Ronnie is class no doubt but when Hendry was in his prime like this he was unstoppable. The best player and the best breakbuilder of all time.

  4. an amazing 147 break.
    very difficult to do.

  5. R.I.P David Vine and John Spencer

  6. hendry play so boring snooker, GO RONNIE

  7. Lord Hendry

  8. Rocket snooker has never been classy … O’Sullivan has proved through time his calibre . Never about the time , just to do it . Has anyone here posting ??? I thought not .

  9. i think steven was great at the top of his game but i think weve seen the best of him now im not knocking him but i dont think hes the same player he used to be

  10. 147 grand in 1995 was something.

  11. you are a racist cunt.

  12. too right you are, rons 147 in 5 min 20 is the greatest break of all time.

  13. Ronnie’s 147s are completely different than Stephen’s maximums so don’t compare it

  14. this is the Man, i hope he wins some more ranking titles.

  15. Learn your grammar idiot.

  16. the most titles yes , but for me the greatest player to grace a snooker table has to be ronnie! pure genius! shame he has not the desire to win more.

  17. Hendry is real snooker face

  18. the greatest player there ever was and ever will be

  19. why put a capital letter at the start of each word you idiot

  20. damn chingchong is ruin the sound of it

  21. what soft control… aggressive like sullivan but hendry is much softer and calm and patient, indeed

  22. This is the masterpiece for all the times!)

  23. an absolute masterclass from the best player ever

  24. they have different styles

  25. Stephen Hendry is pure class.

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