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Snooker: Incredible pot by Alan McManus

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

pot a ball through the cushion bank! @World Championship match.

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  1. Did he got his score?

  2. Funny, mine always goes into the ocket..

  3. I love how his opponent was trying hard not to look impressed.

  4. I’ve done that a few times but it very rarely goes in the ocket

  5. Alan is a legend….a very good friend with a heart of gold and believe me this was a fluke he had a good laugh afterwards about it xxx

  6. lol i did that once, wasnt as good or long but it was on the top then wentin.

  7. hehehe lol that waz kewl

  8. lol! incredible. that was more of a trick shot.

  9. I think I have to watch that again lol.

  10. stop being a whineey little bitch

  11. fluke fuck maybe,,,

  12. Yeah exactly, my point was that this is not the first time it’s happened in a match so why does Terry Griffiths have to say stupid things like that, anyway thanks for agreeing and putting out the facts.

  13. hehe, nice :D:D

  14. Alex Higgins was even playing Terry Griffiths when he made two of those shots, and he was also playing Kirk Stevens once when he made one in the bottom corner pocket like that.

  15. I love that youtube has turned into an english lesson. Now you can watch cool stuff AND learn how to comment on them correctly?

  16. whats griffins saying “i’ve never ever seen that happen before”
    Alex Higgins has done that before, come on why do they always have to favour the modern players

  17. what the hell is a fluk??!

    i think u mean fluke…

  18. LOL!!! i done something like this on pool with the cue ball, i hit it and it landed on the groove between the cushion and edge of the table XD

  19. wot a fluk

  20. that was incredible

  21. nope, cushions are considered part of the table (with every reason for such thing). any ball leaving the table is considered a foul and the player who caused it faces a 4 or 4+ points penalty 🙂

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