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Snooker- Peter Ebdon Glittering career!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

The glittering career of snooker legend peter ebdon. The best bits of the 2002 world champion.

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  1. but ladies and gentlemen forget about the illusion of all those past events, because they are illusiory, i do not think these betting patterns are actually coincidences, i think that it was psychic powers on behalf of these punters and that it might have been to do with the earths atmosphere that caused them to know that ebdon would lose 5-0 and have one fellow wanting to bet he would not make more than 50, it is evidence for the paranormal, for the twilight zone,never would doubt ebbo

  2. or are they coincidences, we know ebdon would not do anything dishonest, and ronnie o sullivan, stephen lee, jamie cope, tony drago, quinten hann,darren morgan have never ever had a problem with peter ebdons behaviour at the table, john parrot and ken doherty have never made any comments about ebdons behaviour against o sullivan, ebdon is a man of high integrity, to think those things happened is an illusion, ebdon was never involved with john parrot with a syndicate that got closed down, cont

  3. unreported news- psychic powers and precognition have been proven to be 100 percent undisputed fact, recently peter ebdon lost a match 5-0 to chinese player wenbo and strange bettting patterns were reported in different bookmakers that they refused to take bets, all bets were on ebdon losing 5-0 and one punter even wanted to put a bet that ebdon would not make more than 50, ebdons highest break was 36,now all of these highly improbable statistics are just coincidences, cont:

  4. exactly Roflaids ! Hendry and Ebbo are the best players in the worlds

  5. Well said Andyc18,Ebbo puts his heart and soul into every match he plays, unlike the Quiten Hann’s of this world who are happy to throw a match in the world champs for a back hander.

  6. Not everyone is an overexcited freak cunt like O’sullivan you bitch.

  7. Don’t care what anyone says… Ebdon is a great great snooker player and anyone who criticises him and says he’s slow etc… I would like to see you do better than him. He’s been world champion, you can’t get any better than that and he play’s for his family too so that they can be alright financially.

    Ebbo = legend.

  8. Ebbo is a entertaining player,and is good for the game,thank’s for posting.

  9. He is the most boring slowest player in the world and saps all the energy out of the game.
    He is so ridiculous the way the plays that I have fallen asleep while watching him play.

    He has cured insomnia !!!!!!

  10. Ebdon is snooker’s one true genius. He plays shots that no other player can. A great entertainer and a decent guy.

  11. ebdon is very entertaining.

  12. It’s Gnarles Barkley – Smiley faces

  13. please tell me the name of the song

  14. Ebdon has got an unique all round game so stop moaning and crying about him being slow and appreciate the hard work he puts in

  15. Shut the fuck up you dickhead, have you listened to yourself?
    Stop putting people down on the internet and find something interesting to do.

  16. Yeah, or Ding, or Trump.

  17. He is my best friend (tristans) father

  18. Well i didnt see “ourkid” saying anything wrong actually because Ebdon is amazing

  19. ourkid, he is one of your favourite players to watch eh? what are your other hobbies? stamp collecting? train spotting? fishing? what do you do to get warmed up for a Peter Plebdon match, watch paint dry, lol.

  20. Don’t you mean snooker leg end not legend, and could you imagine him at a ribbon cutting ceremony, it would probably take him 8 hours to decide which angle to cut the ribbon.

  21. IMO One of my favourite players to watch although sometimes criticised by none other than ‘how many?’ time world champion Willy Thorne for shot selection. When Ebdons on form he can beat anybody, he can slow the pace of a match down and mentally grind an opponent to defeat. Passionate and an amazing shot maker!

  22. Its very hard to decide if this video is a pisstake or not. A homage to Ebdon is like a homage to the bean counters in your local clamping office.

    He was good at what he did. Unfortunately he didn’t realise that what he did wasn’t really what other people wanted to watch. Any more than bubbles in his bath.

  23. i believe the best snooker player in the world is non other than Steve Davis for the 80’s, 90’s Hendry and the 00’s i guess thats Ronnie!

    but a talent coming through is Mark Allen!!

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