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Snooker – Shot of the Championship 2007

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

The ten best shots played during the world championship at the Crucible, Sheffield, April/May 2007.

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  1. John Virgo is my bitch.

    He makes me sandwiches, rubs my back and sings folk songs to me (sometimes he paints his face blue and runs around laughing saying that he’s Pappa Smurf).

    All that he asks of me is to tell him that he was better than Doug Mountjoy in safety exchanges.

    We have a cat called Matthew.

  2. That was crap.

  3. anybody have any idea what the music is?

  4. I would have to say it would be a difficult decision – they were both magnificent shots.


  6. anyone know the name of the tune playing here? or it is just a bbc made one?

  7. Yeah, but what if he’s actually a right handed player?
    That would make it cool.

  8. #4 sucks i could make that shot..

  9. fucking idiot

  10. your comment makes no sence lol!!! murphy just topped a long blue in hitting the top centre of the white only, you cant play side off the cussion as you spin the cue ball a good player aint stupid enough to try that!! the shot was no where near the best

  11. hapetreefriend y leave a comment to show what an idiot some people can be?

  12. swoooze o’brain didnt curl any shot, around no blue or green you might of ment his shot was prob the easiest but it was the presure as it was a match ball thats all, thats only reason y its on the list!!

  13. wow, how can generate so much cue power with such a hard tip?

  14. a very hard talisman tip. much harder then any other pro that uses talisman.

  15. cracker..
    the 9th and 10th shot is juz amazing..
    great sh0t..

  16. well to bad i was just worrying about getting right?.lol.

  17. deserving and getting are 2 different concepts…

  18. to bad i already got some right dawg?.lol.

  19. then you deserve no reply for being a lazy dick head

  20. wat if i dont wanna use google dawg..and i wanna ask on here…

  21. use google you idiot

  22. use google you idiot.

  23. Fantastic shots!

    O Brian’s was very good, had to curl the ball around the blue and still managed to pot it, awesome!

    However Carter wins this for me! That was incredible!

  24. Does anyone know what cue tip ronnie uses?

  25. ali carters is unreal at 3.40

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