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Story of the World Snooker Championships 1994 Part 1

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

ladies and gentle man. enjoy short but brief hightlights of the 17 days of great snooker at the dream theatre ” the Crucible” 1994 World Snooker CHampionships =. the return of Alex higgins to the crucible for the last time when he lost to ken doherty in a match full of drama.
many debut apperances alan macmanus highest break of 143. so enjoy these great highlights and moments fot those who missed it.

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  1. what is your e-mail princesagitarious?

  2. fuck off
    i bet you’re ronnie fan

  3. me too. i didn’t get it

  4. What was the guy on the crowd saying to Alex Higgins? I can’t hear!

  5. these clips of snooker past are quality,thank’s for posting and keep em coming princesagitarious .

  6. its there already.

  7. What was the guy on the crowd saying?

  8. didn’t u see the history of the embassy world championships 1977-2005- just go to my main page u will find a playlist link to it. and i had uploaded as u can see highlights of 81, 82, 84, 86 world championships. isn’t that enough..dude

  9. Do you have more stories of another world champs?

  10. how about you shut up fucking ronniefanboy cunt

  11. Great to see John Williams throwing that idiot out.

    Also good to see 1980 World Champion (and 1983 Crucible maximum-maker) Cliff Thorburn qualifying as late as 1994, although that was unfortunately also the last time.

  12. god, i hated hendry. still do. always thought he was a smug twat! as for the arm incident, i think him and ian doyle played the incident up a bit.

  13. Thank’s for sharing this video,there was a programme about Alex higgins career 1hr long on utube,got to watch it once would like to see it again,hope someone has it and uploads it again.

  14. Alex was a legend!!

    Alex Higgins could be in the top 32 if he never saw Jack Daniels but that buggered his career up!!

  15. Was gonna say on one of your other vids, its too bad ole John Williams is retired now. Great Ref and I like how he stood his ground there.

  16. hi…anyone know wat the audience said to the higgin and reply to the refree?and why the refree is so furius to higgins??thanks for ur reply….

  17. You’re the idiot here.

  18. Alan McManus to win is some of the pundict verdict?

    Mcmanus started off his career good but since the mid 90’s his fell down the rankings!!

    I like to see someone different win it one day!

    cheers 4 adding this

  19. no problem..any time andy 😉

  20. Higgins is the same old weird idiot he always was!

  21. Another great video. What a sad figure Higgins had become.

  22. What was the guy on the crowd saying to alex higgins? I didn’t understand.

  23. amazing video 😉 thx so much fazzal for uploading this!! you did a great favour to all snooker fans!!

    cheers m8

  24. Higgins is a legend. nice 143 from alan, fair play to hendry. and thank you the prince for uploading, will look forward to part 2.


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