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Streaker of Snooker World Championship Final 2008 !

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

BBC Snooker World Championship Final 2008 STREAKER!!

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ali Carter

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  1. Whaaa ?

    Lol, that was funny!

  2. I was their when this happend, was even funnier watching him being dragged from under the table

  3. snookers boring anyway it needs streakers

  4. OMG u gotta have some real balls to do that, the auditoriums are fecking quiet as hell

  5. lol, snooker makes me want to get naked too.

  6. hahahahahah!! Good One!!

  7. wow

    was that his reason to do it or does is just a means to justify doing it?

  8. LOL – what is UP with the Brits and streaking?


    funny stuff though

  9. Wow that’s great. Now the players have to try and sink another 2 extra balls! lol

  10. but the person who was streaking was british

  11. holy crap! is that dr phil in the commentary?

  12. the only reason they’re not laughing is the fact that they need to be professional, and as you saw the one commentator was smirking but couldn’t laugh as he probably would have gotten told off

  13. they dont want to encourage more of it. Same as a fight in footy, always pull away now or they will be implicated in ‘public unrest’.

  14. wat happens wen u streak? do u have to pay ,do u get arrested

  15. The guy who does this streaking at sporting events all over the world is called Mark Roberts, he’s from Liverpool in the UK and streaks for cahrity, he gets people to sponser him by asking them to donate an amount of cash for every second he streaks before he is caught or stopped. He has streaked at all Major sporting events around the world and is in the Guinness book of records. He has helped more childrens charities with his streaking antics than any other single fund raiser.

  16. its so fucking gay the way they pretend its not happening, if i was the commentator id be like ‘this is hilarious.’

  17. classic! WHy do BBC now pull the cameras away whenever this happens??!

  18. who won the streaker? LOL

  19. ???? ????? ??? ?????? !!!
    ???? ??? ???? !
    so funny !

  20. Obviously british idiotic pigs who have no humour think this is not funny.

  21. well not you obviously, you’ve done nothing wrong. i mean the other two twats.

  22. fucking idiot

  23. i bet you are all ignorant cunts

  24. nah man you have it wrong. people pay a hell of a lot of money to see sporting events, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to strip off and walk around like god intended. i think the clothing law is the stupidest law in the world. it’s funny because it’s different, cos when your sitting at a football match and someone comes running along with their bits hanging between their legs, it’s a funny image. this is a classic example, in such a relaxed atmosphere, it just breaks it and its hilarious!

  25. Can someone please explain to me whats funny about streakers? Cuz i dont get it, but everyone seems to be very amused… to me they re just attention whores and it should at least be allowed to players, referees and polices/peacekeepers or anyone from the crowd to hand out a good beating to them

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