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Sweet Pool Trick Shot – Speed Jump

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

Pool Trick Shot – Speed Jump by World Trick Shot Champion Andy “The Magic Man” Segal on Inside POOL Magazine. See more trick shots at

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25 Responses »

  1. Ok that is really hard to perform.

  2. nick nicholidissssss

  3. gr8 man 🙂

  4. nick nicholidas lol


  6. xD
    Ha ha…

  7. ha im in youtube and i answer faster than u 😛


  8. No prob. 😎

  9. Johnny Archer

  10. ok thats real

  11. That is cool

  12. 1:26 is Semih Sayginer?

  13. now this guy is fucking good

  14. yeh i picked that up the first time i watched to

  15. its ok hard to catch if not really looking for it

  16. gotcha. my apologies.

  17. oh no, that bastard! he only happened to switch hands during a ridiculously hard trick! fuck that guy!

  18. i made and error not 58
    it is 59-1:00

  19. Re-watch it dude. I’m pretty sure he’s consistent through out the entire trick.

  20. he is supposed to switch hands and sides on second 58 he switchs hand but not the side

  21. I don’t see what you’re talking about.

  22. I didn’t catch that either time I watched it.

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