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Ten Snooker shots

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

lucky tricky and planned snooker shots

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  1. i could do 90 percent of these shots….

  2. hehe lol 3:02 F***you

  3. the referee he is not happy with this shot look what he does with his hand

  4. its because he’s happy about it. snooker players’ll not show they are happy i think

  5. the man at 3.02 is not so happy with the shot i think! look what he did!

  6. wow, he potted a ball with the rest, thats not amazing in anyway imaginable

  7. lol we aren’t as talented as you seem to think u are. I think they were all good shots and a club player like myself appreciates the work/thought and talent behind them.

  8. HOW are these considered tough shots?!?! I don’t get it at all….

  9. you are borng.pool sucks.go fuck your mum.

  10. the ebdon shot at the end isnt that impressive in my opinion,however everything else is class

  11. this is boring check out my pool videos

  12. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, and the look on the ref’s face too.

  13. further to this explanation, you can also be “snookered” on any of the coloured balls if you can’t hit them directly, for example shots 3 and 8 where the object ball is the pink, but the shots played in the clips have snookered the opponent behind the black.

  14. this is awesome check out my snooker trick shot video and comment what u think

  15. well if u are snookered it means, u do not have a straight path to the ball u want to hit.. shite explination but there we go

  16. snooker shots are when you cant hit a red ball because its being blocked by colored balls. If you hit the colored ball without hitting the red ball your opponent receives the points from the colored ball you hit.

  17. some shots were nice but the clip mostly looked like a replay rather then a highlight reel. not impressive really.

  18. can someone please tell me wat snooker shots r??

  19. and..people think this is better the pool…why?!?

  20. what are snooker shots

  21. Some prety kl shots here =D
    Peters shot at number 9 realy stood out from the rest….any1 notice the refs reaction 2 it at 3:02 lol 😉

  22. not really all that impressive.

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