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The Transfer of English

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  1. I dont lose at all 🙂

  2. Nice eplanation Marcus, also an important factor when you need to ” cheat ” to get a specific position or get a wider/closer angle for potting a ball. Take care. Bart

  3. English is a word for “Spin”

    Example: “Right English” means you’re hitting toward the right side of the cue ball, making the ball spin right.

  4. can someone say what is english ?

  5. Glad I could help.

  6. by the way, nice brunswick table, i have a metro tournament edition with centennial clothe and i will practice that shots, looks like if the shots were easy but it takes a lot of practice, thanks for the learning videos!

  7. they are indeed.

  8. those balls are brunswick centennial right?

  9. even Galileo will not be able to figure this out. nice video.

  10. You should read Banking with the beard and watch dr. dave’s video.

  11. My principal source of information is Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna. Who is the top source that I know of on banking. He comes from a lineage of best all time bankers. Eddy Taylor to be more specific. These guys know banking. If They say it then I believe it, especially when you can test it and the results prove a transfer of english.

  12. Steve davis is a snooker player. I am talking about pool balls.

  13. watch?v=4PGXUld5A24

    slow stun shot, 50% english -> 3.4 degrees ->
    tan 3.4 = 5.941..centimeter per meter

    Wel spin transfer isn’t much, you can see it visualy but it all comes down how the object ball gets thrown due to spin which can be significant.

    Other factors: clean balls, cloth, cueball squirt, queball swerve etc.

  14. watch?v=Ygk9Cm3gOW4

    this one shows a little spin is tranferable but far less then the extend of actually using it to deviate a ball from it’s trajectory

  15. watch?v=Qm89GZQrnHA

    scroll to 03:00
    the traing video by steve davis porvinf spin transfer is impossible

  16. I am sorry to say so but english does not transpher to the other ball – and this was demonstrated in a training video by Steve Davis.

    what happens in your video is that hitting a ball with a lot of english and not on the plane parallel to the table containing the center of the cue ball will cause it to masse, curve on the cloth and thus hitting the other ball a bit on the side of english and sending in (in this video) in a slide opposing angle from the cushion.

    YMID: radius_the_fowl

  17. Yes it is gaining ground in the US.

  18. @7WZE6
    Sorry I misconstrued what I said as I had to delete half of what I wrote to fit..

    I meant that he fully and intricately explained all aspects of the basics. i.e. didn’t half heartedly explain the topics.

    Anyway I’m going to play snooker now.. and continue watching the World championship semi final 😀

    Ronnie O’ Sullivan vs Stephen Hendry

    Started with Hendry taking first round with a break of 140 😀

    Good luck with the ballgames guys.. they all kick ass (except carum heheehe, to hard)

  19. I was wandering about 10-ball is that game getting more played in the U.S. or is it still in a promotional stadium and 9-ball still the main game?

  20. Going to play it next week. I know a guy with a 12 footer.

  21. quote cazmaj: That is a very useful video, fully detailing the intricacies..

    No there’s more about throw, the vid does what it needs to do,imho, it shows beginners that there’s more to it and hopefully somebody gets more enthousiastic and searches to learn more.

  22. Have a peek at these mate..




  23. That is a very useful video, fully detailing the intricacies..

    Of course if you know it all it is gonna be tedious which makes it all the more commendable that you took the time to go through it in depth.

    I’ll be showing your video to my house m8 coz I think it is just what he need to learn from..

    Have you ever tried snooker? It is a great game for improving anyones shots/safety/positional game, with smaller pockets, larger table and fine heated very fast cloth.

    Once again. Sweet video!

  24. No referring to katran11.

  25. I gues your reffering to me, youtube is giving me a hard time in adding comments, also the view of responses is often different.
    I’ll try to do better next time, sorry.

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