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Dr. Cue Lesson 39 – Simple Formula for Fine Tuning Mechanics!!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Top players execute high quality mechanical movements in a repeatable fashion. Quite often there is a paralysis of analysis aspect in the often-illusive quest for game perfection. To help eliminate confusion in the overall process, a simple two – part formula for each shot should be remembered 1) place cue stick directly under shoulder and 2) allow cue stick to swing straight during the stroke process. Mirror image training provides proven visual feedback for the real time correction of poor mechanics and the programmed repetition / fine tuning of good ones.

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  1. welcome back in your channel dr. que

  2. Unless you’re a ninja

  3. If you share something with everybody (YouTube), then it’s not a secret.

  4. The camera man should show each ball rolling ALL the way to the pocket so people would understand better what they should see — very little wobble on the striped ball. The advice is great.

  5. I play a lot of pool, especially in CPA / APA pool league. I know hundreds of people who could benefit from this simple lesson in mechanics. For a lot of people, the mechanics are the limiting factor of this game, and are what keep people rated a 3 or lower. All the theory, spins, strategy in the world will not help if you have a lousy foundation and can’t execute them properly.

    This is a great exercise, and I know I will have members of my team do it. It can only help. Thanks Dr. Cue!

  6. been a while

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