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Eric Yow! and Mike Massey, Artistic Billiards

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Artistic Billiards

Yow! and Massey practice Artistic 3-Cushion Billiards at Carom Cafe in NYC. This is preparation for “Artistic Billiards Grand Master”, to air on ESPN2 May 6, 2007, where they will compete against Semih Sayginer, the best of the best. Three cushion billiards is played where one point, or billiard, is scored by sending your assigned ball (either white or yellow) into some combination of three rails and both other balls, ending with the hit on the last ball. For instance, one may score by hitting your cue ball (white) into the yellow, traveling three rails or more, and hitting the red. Or, you could travel three or more rails and hit both of the other balls. Etc.

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  1. incredibile!!! you are the best!!!
    a veri grand master

  2. Which pleasure to look at a video with players of it levels !!!!

  3. simonis 300. dude best for the carom tables

  4. its a carom table they use 300 cloth and it’s heated.

  5. That table must have some really fast speed, because the balls don’t slow down they just keep rolling..

  6. its not htat im obssessed its just that im getting a carom billiards table next christmas and i wanna know what kinda cloth i need.

  7. amazing! i saw Mike Massey in a trick shot championship with Steve Davis throw the white ball (using his hand and spin) around the back of the black into the corner pocket on a 12ft snooker table – but some of these are even more incredible

  8. certainly Rapide 300?

  9. you are obsessed with simonis aren’t you?

  10. what kind of simonis is that?

  11. Amazing shots!
    Vive la France

  12. ok fine! i was wondering who this eric yow fella is… now im watching a vid of him with mike massey!! hes the real thing

  13. amazing… i’m trying to get the ball to spin like that…it just wont grab the table flies all over the place

  14. michael jackson rules

  15. Yes im willing to bet my life he can do that WITH the pockets Considering that that table Is bigger then regulation sized if i remember correctly

  16. nice but can u do that “with” the pockets?

  17. music sucks

  18. I wonder if some of u assholes hav ever been in a poolhall before…if u think this vid sucks. The things yow massey and semih do with the cue ball is amasing and next 2 impossible! If u put coins in the table when u play your watching something u cant understand.DONT TALK SHIT…

  19. always amazing …great shots everyone

  20. Awesome video. There are a ton of lovable girls at _FUNDATERS.COM_

  21. what song is this btw?? awesome vidddd aswell

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  24. do you even know what billiards is?

  25. hearing these shots are patented or what so ever by sayginer is the biggest bullshit I ever heard the shots are all following the same patterns which you have to play in artistic biljart tournaments the player with the least attempts after completing all the shots wins and the morons talking about no pockets well I hope they are just kidding

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