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First Grand prix Artistic Billiards by Martin van Rhee

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Artistic Billiards

A short movie about the first Grand Prix Biljart Artistiek played by Martin van Rhee and others in Midwolda,Nederland.
Like the second Grand Prix this was an official tournament.
More video’s will follow.

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  1. hey, Im impressed, you’re very good because make this shots in a competition, it’s very hard compare to make it at house.about semith, he really use siliconspray cueballs?so effectivly it must be easier!If you like trick shots, check out my bestof3. venomtickshots[dot]com

  2. Semih always has the same repertoire in shots and don’t give him another cueball what is not his because he won’t play with it! Because of his looks and charme he is mr. Magic but he never compete with us because he can lose and lose his status of mr. magic. Don’t misunderstand me, he is a great player, but not a billiardgod because of his repertoire of 41 shots with his silicon-spray-cueballs.

  3. We play patterns in Artistique, 100 figures, some are difficult and others are easier. Americans only understand pool because they see balls dissapear, they want to see direct results, or they want to see three or more cushions in billiards, thats the American. Semih S. is only an artist who can play a few artistique shots, all his shots we can also play and most of us even better!

  4. I think I’d sooner watch PAINT DRY!!! Boring or what? Take a look at Sehmyre Singe. Now there IS a genius of 3-cushion.

  5. I do NOT understand this game … what is the point ????? LOL … FuCk IT !!!

  6. I have never played 3-cushion billiards, but I think its just a little bit boring, maybe I

  7. I miss smth: hit the yellow ball, then 1 more more edges, then the red

  8. shoot the white ball in order to hit the yellow ball first, then the red one (in 1 shoot)

  9. esta bien culero

  10. i don’t understand the point of artistic billards… i c that it has something to do w/ precision shots but i just don’t get it…

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