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Dean’s Pool Tips Cheating The Pocket

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Tips Feature

Normally it’s NOT okay to cheat, but in this case Dean shows us how to cheat the pocket. DVD Now available.

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  1. Hitting the cue ball off center will produce the same effect, do not move your cue stick, keep it steady, your stroke must be solid so you can target the exact position of the hit, good luck


  2. I am wondering… when i apply english to a shot will there be a difference if i move the cue left or right as i hit it or does hitting the cue ball off center produce the same effect

  3. my grand paw is a professional and he said one day he would show me how to play like him and im kinda excited cause to me he is the best player in the world hehe

  4. You would still need to cheat the pocket unless you already have an angle, there are other ways but this is easier and you don’t have to use any English. Don’t make this game hard, when you have a shot keep it simple, don’t get crazy because you can. Position your cue ball so you each shot will naturally setup for the next shot, try this and run out with out using english, Good Luck

  5. Lol… you are correct, position is everything, but making the shots is critical… Good Luck

  6. First of all you are not an “Idiot”
    Don’t be so hard on yourself, even older pool players ask me this question. First practice your stroke, then take just the cue ball and place it on the table. When you line up your cue tip with the center of the Cue Ball, I want you to move the tip slightly to the left, now hit it straight into the side rail soft to medium and watch what happens, and remember the result.
    Good Luck

  7. Typically we use the word English when we are creating cue ball spin by hitting the cue ball slightly to the left or right, this measurement is usually about 1 tip to the left or right of the center of the cue ball. Try hitting the cue ball into the side rail, medium to soft stroke 1/4, 1/2 and 1 full tip to either side, see the reaction and remember the result.

  8. Very Cool, you went out and jumped the ball after one video, that is awesome! Know, practice your stroke, get it perfectly straight, then work on your hit, you don’t have to kill this ball to make it go straight, in fact the harder you hit the harder it is…. Good Luck


  9. That was a Masse shot, a little down spin combined with some down spin, and shoot the ball just to the side of your opponents ball, don’t have to hit this to hard… play around with it and let me know how your doing.

    I do have a tip on “Masse Shots” check it out….


  10. plz reply to me how did u do the spin at 0:20 ?

  11. these videos are great. iv looked every where on you tube and havnt found any thing close to this. i played pool once for fun. i sucked soo bad no joke. any case, i found a jump shot vid by dean and the next time i went ever to the pool hall to play i almost became a natural with the jump shot. ahahah the only problem was actually getting my billiard balls to sink in ahhhaha.

  12. hi, im a noobie. just wanna know whats an english that ur talking bout?

  13. Yes you could create more spin with english, thanks for your comments…


  14. or you could give it english..

  15. Deans Pool Tips Drills

  16. Deans Pool Tips Drills

  17. Dean,
    I have trouble with english could you tell me how to improve. i usually put too much english at a bad time, making the ball go where i dont want it to go. my dad is really good at pool but is a terrible teacher so its tough to learn from him. what exactly is english and how do you do it. for all you guys that are thinking im an idiot, im only 14so just chill.

    much thanks,

  18. hey dean im pretty ok at pool but i have 1 problem… i have problems when i take a shot setting me self up with another shot if you could make a video of it that would be very helpfull…. thank you… scarface165

  19. Thanks, and I’ll have my up and coming matches video taped, I’ll let you know when –

    Thanks again and good luck with your game


  20. I am very new to pool and your videos have been extremely helpful. Keep them coming. Maybe I’ll see you in a competition one day.

  21. Over stroking is common with most players, even myself but if executed with perfect stroke this shot is a “Game Winner” – I just placed 2nd out of 16 players at Stix Billiards and I’ve never had to “Masse” as many times as needed that day, but I was playing some tough players and found myselp “Burried” most of the time… a great shot to know when in this situation… Thanks for watching and good luck with your game… I’ll be looking for your next comment(s)

    Dean – Dean’s Pool Tips

  22. yea i knew it too, i just never mastered it… i always put too much of an angle, but hey at least i get the good shot setup XD

  23. Great! your game is advancing to the next level good luck!

    Dean – Dean’s Pool Tips

  24. yup i knew that one

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