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Deans Pool Tips Perfecting Your Stroke

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Tips Feature

Dean shows us some easy exercises to help your stroke…DVD Now available

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  1. thanks again for the stroke help!

  2. hi dean thanks for your videos they are really great i learned alot from your videos.

  3. that bottle action was pretty hot!

  4. thanks dean i lost a cheap match the other day your videos have really helped my game. thank you

  5. Rememer when you put spin on your cue ball and hit another ball, you also create spin on the ball your hitting. If you put bottom left spin on your cue ball, the ball your hitting will sping to the right, play around with this shot, in the pool world we call this “Spin Transfer”. Good Luck!

  6. When I try the bottom left english the white ball spins off to the right as if I put right english on it once it’s hit the other ball. What could I be doing wrong?

  7. Yes, they are there as reference points on the table. When practicing always us a point of reference, starting point and where the balls stop or pocket. Cue ball control is key when positioning for your next shot, make this a priority when playing billiard pool, make the shot first, then position the cue ball, think 3 balls ahead when playing for position. Good Luck

  8. Hey Dean. Sent you a few comments already. Great great videos 🙂 Just a question, when playing all kinds of pool, do you reference the ‘diamonds’ on the table when taking shots (especially bank shots)? They are mainly used as reference points for banking shots, correct? Keep up the great work with your vids

  9. The 6 red dots are for practice and to help your game. They will also allow you to visualise the intentional and unintentional spin you apply.

    Thanks for watching and be sure to be on the lookout for my new DVD which will include all of my tips, plus 6 new ones.

  10. Hey man, i have been watching some of your videos and it has been really helpful, so thank you very much. And i appreciate how you get back to people and try to help them when they leave a comment. You are awesome.

  11. now i notice something special about that cue ball, it got red dots on it, is it for practice use for english etc?

  12. lol dont worry im not a hater. i watched all your videos recently since i was a first timer at pool on the weekend. i love it sooo much. i appreciate you posting videos for novices like me since there arent many videos that show you how to play pool. thanks again!

  13. LOL…. You were paying attention, I beleive the cue did move slightly… oops – but I think you get the idea don’t you??
    Thanks for watching


  14. lol you cheated! you moved the cue slightly left.

  15. No Problem….. thanks for watching…. how is your game? Do you have any questions?

    here if you need me, good luck with your game.


    “Dean’s Pool Tips”

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