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Deans Pool Tips “Using The Rails for Position”

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Tips Feature

In this tip Dean shows us how to use the rails for cue ball position. DVD available now.

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  1. thanks again helped me out even more!

  2. this was really helpful. thanks for the tips!

  3. Hi JD –
    Good question – I think first you should be confortable with your stance and stroke, also what are you looking at when getting ready to shoot. All of these things are very important, the rest is practice and perfection.

    Thanks for watching and good luck with your game…


  4. Thanks man. Keep it up!

  5. hey man..
    m just a beginner.. can u plz tell me in what order shld i follow ur videos.. i mean positions then bridge than….
    n can u plz post a video specially gor beginners with basics..

    thnx so much

  6. Hey Dean, just wanna say thanks for posting these vids. I’ve been practicing everything you teach about and my game is getting really good! Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the comment, I’ll pay more attention to detail when illustrating these tips.


  8. I’ve been playing pool competitively for around 10+ years now. I just like to say that you have to remember when giving out tips that beginners are watching more closely to things that we(experienced players) don’t pay attention to as much anymore … such as … cue elevation, stance, bridge, etc. For Example: I see in some videos you bridge higher than others when not needed or in this video you should stay between to pockets as much as you can to avoid scratching and keep it simple.

  9. Hey great videos man. Your lessons are genuine and great learning tools. Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  10. Don’t know how I missed this comment, sorry about that. To answer your question, it’s all in your stroke, masses require lots of practice, but once you get it, it’s easy, accuracy becomes a little challenge but that’s where the practice comes in, good luck


  11. Thanks man, appreciate the comment, and yes this was my first attempt at this shot, the video people got to go home early….


  12. i was hoping ur 1st shot would make it to the side pocket and see ur eyes pop and say ” oops !”

    but when the ball stopped…. it stopped perfectly dead on the sweet spot…. so my eyes popped instead, great vid man =)

  13. Yes, you are correct a steady straight stroke is very important, don’t know how I missed it but I’ll make sure I make a point of it in my next set of “Dean’s Pool Tips” thanks for the comment –


  14. you should have included to keep a steady staight stroke because even with no english applied a bad stroke can put on wanted spin on the cue ball.

  15. thanks for the videos, ive watched them all and they are really helpful. for the very first shot you made, where you curved the cue ball around the four, is pulling off that shot as simple as just drawing it back and to the right or is there some special technique?

  16. Please explain… it’s a little late and I’m not sure what you mean… Look forward to your reply…

  17. But if your shot with the cue ball isn’t straight, (which applies english onto it) it will go haywire am I right?

  18. Thanks!


  19. Good Job! I’m sure there is more where that came from, keep up the good work…..


  20. Dean, your not going to believe it I pulled this off in a game, my friends looked at me in awe. It was great!

  21. thanks for the tips, hope i can pull that rail shot off in a game

  22. No marking of the table occured during this demonstration, not sure what this comment is referring to, please explain? And you are right, it’s not legal or appropriate to mark the table anywhere during a game, that’s what the “Diamonds” are for, and thanks for your comment.

    Dean – “Dean’s Pool Tips”

  23. For the record, it’s illegal to mark the table in any way in order to make a shot. That’s what the diamonds are for.

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