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How To Shoot Over A Ball

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. Another good idea for shooting over a ball is to form an I love you sign with your bridge hand, now put your pointer and pinky finger tips down on the felt, then bring your middle and ring fingers down to the felt so your forming a tripod, your pointer finger is one leg and pinky is the other leg and your middle and ring fingers are the rear leg. You can also just have one of your fingers either the middle or ring fingers back for the rear leg of the tripod.

  2. I already have and most of my friends that have a passion for the game watch them….and its funny because we subscribe to you videos and when you post another one we watch them and try the drill without knowing that the other watched one of your videos.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the videos.

  4. I love your videos. They are so helpful with shots that i have been having a bit of trouble with. You do a great job of explaining the concepts. Thank you for the videos. They are much appreciated.

  5. thanks bro

  6. Join azbilliads forum. Post a listing in the wanted/for sale section. Those should go fast.

  7. anyone know a good place to sell a nice predator sneaky pete with 314 shaft black irish linen wrap and nice leather case 2 butts 2 shafts i dont play anymore and looking to sell it all at a good deal

  8. Awesome. Well I’m glad to see you back on youtube! Every vid has been insightful in so many different ways. Thanks again!

  9. Another very good video. Thanks.

  10. I already have a masters in education. I completed my mid management/principal certification. I am 30 hours away from a phd.

  11. Congrats! Did you get your M.S? Or PHD? And in what might I ask?

  12. I finished my grad school program. Should have more time to post now.

  13. Thanks, its viewer appreciation that keeps me doing it.

  14. Thanks for this and all of your videos. You’ve produced quite a canon of work. I am very grateful. Keep up the good work!

  15. good stuff, welcome back!

  16. yeah been waiting for a new vid :p

    awesome as usual

  17. finally a vid! haha love it

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