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NV B.62 – part 3 – Answers to pool rules quiz for referees and players (shots 70-100)

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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Answers to part 3 (questions 70-100) of a quiz, from Bob Jewett and Dr. Dave, to test how well you know pool rules.

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  1. PS: IMO, “bar rules” suck because they can vary dramatically from one bar to the next, and from one city to the next, and from one person to the next. I wish everybody (including the various league systems) would use the “official rules.” This would prevent a lot of confusion and arguments.

  2. The unintentional scoop shots were the result of a miscue. An unintentional miscue is not a foul. Now, if the scoop is intentional (e.g., it is used to jump over an obstacle ball), then it is a foul (and can even be ruled as “unsportsmanlike conduct”). See the rules online if you want to see the details.

    I’m glad you liked the quiz. Please help spread the word.

    Dr. Dave

  3. thanks for your reply,
    and most importantly, i think this quiz excellent and i appreciate it greatly.
    but, how do you call any of the jump shots executed in the quiz “fair?” as i recall, one of them was so scored, even though it was obviously scooped.
    no, i don’t know of any official rules that would allow them, but in a bar game, the “prevailing set of rules” might not exclude them.

  4. I don’t know of any official rules that allow intentional “scoop” jump shots. Do you?

    I have several videos that demonstrate and describe properly executed (legal) jump shots. You can find them on my website (see the link in the video description) in the FAQ section under “jump shot.”

    Dr. Dave

  5. none of the 3 jump shots looked like “properly executed” jumps. all were scooped from below the equater of the cue ball. whether or not these shots are allowed will depend on the prevailing set of rules, but it would be nice to see an instructional video such as this demonstrate the sort of jump shot that is allowed in all formats and rule sets.
    this really helped me identify my weaker areas and taught me a lot about what to prepare to look for when asked to officiate a shot. thanks!

  6. Its all about intent. An “intentional miscue” is a foul, and can even be ruled “unsportsmanlike conduct,” depending on the situation (see the rules on these topics). Sometimes the intent isn’t clear, but it is the job of the referee (in a tournament) to make this sort of judgment call.

    Dr. Dave

  7. Ok, so a miscue on a draw here (number 82) was called fair. However, in the first video it was called a scoop, or well an illegal jump shot. What’s the difference?

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