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NV B.63 – Part 1: CB frozen to OB – Pool Rules Quiz Instruction

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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Instruction from Dr. Dave on how to interpret and apply pool shot rules when the cue ball (CB) is frozen to the object ball (OB).

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  1. Yes of course, now I see it. Didn’t look close enough, thanks!

  2. When you shoot into a frozen CB, the CB does go forward with a single hit. There is no jump on this shot. However, there is follow (topspin).

  3. In shot 73, at 3:12 CB don’t stop until it moved quite a bit forward at first, which seem to be the indication that separate a double from a single hit like in shot 3 and 17 in part 2 of your vids. I guess this is because the CB jumps, right?

  4. At 1:50 you do a push shot but you don’t have any stroke. Is it likely that you do can do a push shot even when doing a stroke? If so, it would be kind of interesting to see it in slow motion.

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