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NV B.63 – Part 6: miscellaneous fouls – Pool Rules Quiz Instruction

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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Instruction from Dr. Dave on how to interpret and apply pool shot rules for miscellaneous types of fouls.

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  1. Everything sounds good, with the following clarification:

    A double hit is a foul whether or not it is intentional. A miscue or scoop is a foul only if it is intentional (in which case, it can also be an unsportsmanlike conduct foul) or if it results in a clearly-visible double hit or other foul.

    Thank you for the excellent questions and comments on all of the videos.

    Dr. Dave

  2. So what you’re saying is that only if I use intentional miscue, scoop, or double hit to gain advantage it can be ruled as unsportsmanlike conduct but not if I do an intentional foul.

    The discussion has come up a couple of times when playing with friends, how serious a foul should be in order to loose the frame when only playing some random frames for fun.

    In case I understood you right, this gives us the answer.

    Thanks! I really appreciate the effort making these videos!

  3. This is a judgment call for the referee (if one is available). If the ref judges the player is intentionally violating a rule to attempt to gain an advantage (e.g., intentional miscue, scoop, or double hit), then “unsportsmanlike conduct can be ruled, along with an appropriate penalty (e.g., loss of game or match).

    Dr. Dave

  4. “85: Possible unsportsmanslike conduct” – How do you decide if it should be ruled as unsportsmanslike conduct in the last foul in the video for instance?

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