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Billiards Champion Semih Saygıner Artistic

By • Sep 14th, 2008 • Category: Artistic Billiards, Billiard Trick Shots


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  1. dont mean to piss on your dead mothers corpse or anything but the trick at 0.51 seconds is a foul as the yellow came off the table so wheeeeyyyyyy prick

  2. I have to say I’ve never ever seen cue ball control skills anything like that…….wow!!.

  3. hes usin magnets

  4. suck it the vid you have sucks all you have to do is put alot spin on the ball retard.

  5. i think its fake . . .

  6. No, this is Carom billiards aka 3 cushion billiards. This is a billiard table, not a pool table.

  7. that is a turk, best billard player ever !!! this is no fake

  8. biljard and pool is difrent with biljard u need to hit the other 2 balls

  9. were are the pockets anyway that was amazing at first i thought i was fake lol. how long did yu to do them skills 5/5

  10. there are no pockets on the table this video is fake

  11. i wouldnt want a snooker of him in a snooker match 😀
    top vid

  12. More appropriately it’s called 3 Cushion Billiards. Notice that his cue ball makes at least 3 hits on a rail every shot.

  13. the houdinni of billards!

  14. that’s crazy!!

  15. a real champion

  16. For the ones who don’t know it yet, this is Carom Billiards also known as French Billiards. Look it up on wiki. Obvioulsy, this one is used as an artistic billiard.

  17. some of these setups are insane! who thought of these? genius regardless though, but weird:p

  18. vai te fude fdp isso e so computador

  19. amazing control for using so much power! 6 rail masse? no prob lol

  20. what kind of table is that??

  21. omg damn that is awsome

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