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100 break billiards Walter Lindrum

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: History Billiards Video

100 break billiards Walter Lindrum 1930

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  1. Dude,
    i couldnt agree more, but their is only 1 player i think comes this close thats the Rocket!!

  2. Absolute genius. I know modern players don’t come near his sheer talent but what are the highest modern breaks? I once spoke to Dave Causier years ago (we’re both Boro lads) and he told his highest break was something like 729! Probably even higher now.

  3. This was so great. You can really see the difference in sharpness between the play here and the other youtube post in 1957. This is Lindrum at the height of his remarkable powers. Thanks so much (for ten years, i taught a calculus course. In exams, all the “constant” terms were my tribute, 4137. Funny thing, not one students i ever spotted the recurrence of this number, or asked its meaning)

  4. no that is still the highest break

  5. Brilliant!

    I believe his highest break in competition was 4,137 against Joe Davis.

    Has that been equalled or even surpassed since?


  6. The greatest EVER !!!! Go Aussie !!!!

  7. please post more

  8. Thanks for posting he was the best

  9. the greatest ayyhh

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