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Snooker: 147 by Cliff Thorburn in 1983

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: History Billiards Video, Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

This is a hitoric 147 break: The first 147 in the history of Snooker World Championship, the 2nd 147 in the history of TV broadcasting, and the 4th officially authorized 147.

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  1. John Williams is the match referee.

  2. All from a dodgy first shot. You have to take your luck where you find it…..

  3. Oh sorry for making you freak you fucking racist.
    its fucking shyt to see you here in my posting.
    by the way, dont cry if we beat you in snooker and hopefully you wont be jerking over the old days when you ruled the snooker world

  4. Sure acted like it when he finished the clearance, huh?

  5. Cliff Thorburn is my cousin….his grandmother is my grandmother’s sister.

  6. hang on the chinese want to clone thorburn ha ha

  7. cliff rather watch paint dry!! so boring!

  8. Whats it to you anyway deadlyb1 you racist scum, do you play?

  9. die u ignorant cunt.. China is going to dominate snooker soon enough so get used to it.

  10. Why are the Chinks so fucking interested? It’s 1983. China hadn’t even been invented then. Go and make your own game you Chinese fucks! Thanks for all the rice.

  11. griffiths is pissed up on gin

  12. I really miss seeing the players having a drink and a smoke. Good ol’ days.

  13. The grinder was one hell of a player!!!

  14. lol, yeah, i wonder if he still makes them at home or wherever he plays

  15. I believe the highest ever score by a player in a World Championship frame is 167 from Dominic Dale – a 122 break, another red earlier on, and eleven consecutive misses from his opponent.

  16. I’ve spoken with Cliff as he competes in exibition matches with a work buddy of mine and on one such occasion outside enjoying a smoke with him I asked a couple questions about this match..he would be the first to say it wasn’t his finest game ever played and he made several poor shots but made remarkable recoveries…He could’ve done things another way but it worked out great right…that’s snooker after all.

  17. cliffs so slow its a wonder hes still not making this 147

  18. perhaps someone can enlighten me a bit:

    Ive read that Cliff played a stun run thro for the yellow, cos he didnt fancy playing a shot with a lot of check side. But from where im seeing, the shot is slightly off straight, couldnt he jus screw back for the green?

  19. Fluke or no fluke its still a very well played break.

    One observation is that Cliff, Steve Davis, & Ray Reardon arent particularly power players judging by the pace of their deep screws, but all hv a bloody mean tactical game. The power players eg Alex & Jimmy for instance can really pack in the power & pot brilliantly, but not positionally or tactically astute as the 1st 3 ive mentioned.

  20. kirk stevens whatever happened him?
    cliff down to earth bloke pity he didnt win the world back in 83

  21. And it all started with a fluke … go figure !! lol

  22. reminds me of a song take it easy by the eagles terry:)

  23. cliff is still running centuries where he plays in toronto[shooters billiards]still using that short stroke…last pro am i attended kirk stevens was running 9,10 11 blacks every frame

  24. history! 🙂 i remember watching this!,was just a teenager.when he got to the yellow i remember thinking,oje,what a difficult yellow,especially under those circumstances!.great job cliff!. 🙂

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