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Billiard Club TV Presents: The World Pool Masters = Ralf Souquet vs. Wu Chia-Ching

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The World Pool Masters is brought to you by: This is the Billiard Club TV Presentation of Match #14 featuring Ralf Souquet vs. Wu Chia-Ching. Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT bcn is the world’s #1 online source for championship pool. BilliardClub Network, in association with Matchroom Sport, presents the 2006 World Pool Masters from the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee on the Nederland’s north sea coast. 16 of the world’s finest 9-Ball Players from nine nations compete for the title of World Pool Master. The game is 9-Ball, with each match a race to 8 racks with alternate breaks. Commentators Jim Wych and Ted Lerner call all the action. Event info @ http Please SUBSCRIBE to bcn. Your COMMENTS are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated. Also, please support our sponsors: Thanks for watching bcn! Footage courtesy of Matchroom Sport

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  1. Heres a few of their names for you as proof and all of these players could easlily compete with the tv players Richard Geiler, Dan Louie, John Doherty, Stan Tourangeau, Mike Vidas, kris Ivorson, Glenn Atwell, Edwin Montel, Mike Zimmerman, Raul Abenojar, Paul Potier, Eddie Mataya, Brady Gollan and the list goes on and on. The players on tv are good but they should have to use smaller pockets for their level of play.

  2. The problem of playing an unprofessional woman player is they complain if they are doing terribly which is almost constant and they complain and get mad at you if your doing at all well against them and they try to humiliate you if you aren’t playing your

  3. best at that particular moment in time and if they ever win a game even if you are the cause of their axedental win they completely and utterly freak out and run around cheering as if they have actually

  4. accomplished something and you will never here the end of them saying “I beat you” even years later, its weird they always want to bring you down and hurt you for no reason at all and beside all that, its boring and not fun to play with them unless your trying to stick around then long enough to mabie get laid, which I am not.

  5. @SnareBuff you guys should just settle your argument on the table for money.

  6. Theres obviously no convincing you and I’ve grown tired of trying to convince you. So if your ever going to learn the truth that their are many players with equal or superior talent but just happen not to play on tv you’ll just have to seek it out for yourself, goodbye.

  7. If they’re as good as you proclaim them to be, then their names should be everywhere. Let’s face it, America is dry on up and coming talent. There may be some great players, but Europe and Asia have stepped into view – especially Asia – and asserted some dominance. Players like Souquet, Immonen, Wu, Bustamante, Reyes, Pagulyan, have been consistantly dominating the game for years. A once American-dominated game has now surrendered to players overseas.

  8. Alot of the people that you say “run out like it’s a cake walk” probably don’t weigh all of the options like professionals do. To be a pro is to not leave a single aspect of your run out to chance because the first time you gamble on it and sell out to a top player, your run in the tournament could be gone. So your fast-paced buddies may have some chops to run a few racks and win some local tournaments, but where are they in the big picture?

  9. So you’re saying that your little local poolhall buddies run out better and are better overall than players like Ralf Souquet, Efren Reyes, or someone else? If this is the case, then your little buddies would be robbing the big tournaments and rolling over these top players. You’ve showed nothing here but your own personal prejudice to your buddies. What’s the matter? Are you in envy of the guys that play in your poolroom that can run out while you can’t?

  10. I don’t know whats holding them back now, but one is already a former two time world champion which you didn’t find out with your inadequate research and another one of them won the las vegas

  11. nine ball and eight ball tournaments back to back which has never been done in history before and they all play on nine foot tables and they ALL do just as good or better then many of the top pro’s on tv

  12. and their all in the grand masters division and personally I would rather see some of the players I speak of on tv rather then some of the pro’s because I’ve seen many of them string six, seven and eight table run together in a row their normal runs are usualy two three and four in a row when its their turn if they even receive a turn from their opponent which in many cases they don’t receive a shot at all in a race to seven.

  13. Their are thousands of players in the world that play just as well or better then the players on tv, but not everybody is able or choose to be a pro on tv, these players are very very good and stay kind

  14. of enormous and thats fine but it doesn’t mean they arent real and can’t really play just as good and in some cases much better because some of them can see bank shots better then some of the pro’s

  15. can and some run out just as well or better because they do it like its a cake walk while some pro’s cant do it as easily because they go much slower, their just not natural mental and physical athletes that get the job done with ease some make the game look like a hard chore instead of making it appear easy.

  16. I’ve looked up some names that you’ve spewed out.. The names that I’ve found were tournament winners for local sponsored events. If you think it makes you elite to win local tournaments, then you may as well take the guys from Joe’s Bar who won the 8 ball tournament on 7 ft tables and throw them on diamond tables. It doesn’t change the fact that if these people are so great, they should be up with the pros. If they aren’t, then they don’t have it. What’s holding them back hm?

  17. Dont speak your garbage to me anymore until you have done some actual research on these players or actualy seen them in person because if you do you would know they could easliy compete. You think im some stupid jackass just spewing at the mouth don’t criticize me until you know better, so go do some actual research idiot.

  18. I don’t care how many names you throw out. It doesn’t change the fact that if these people are good enough to compete and beat – as you’ve stated here already – then they would be at events like the US Open and such and placing high or even winning. You must be the cheerleader for your local poolhall and are trying to make it seem like your guys can run over the pros.

    As I’ve said before. If they’re so great, where are they in the big tournaments? They should have no problem right?

  19. Guys, you got to try YouTube (i.e. Google’s) new Audio Translation feature, under the “CC” menu down to the right in the player. It’s not to good with names, so Ronnie O’Sullivan is now “Running As Solomon”.

  20. Heres a few of their names for you as proof and all of these players could easlily compete with the tv players Richard Geiler, Dan Louie, John Doherty, Stan Tourangeau, Mike Vidas, kris Ivorson, Glenn Atwell, Edwin Montel, Mike Zimmerman, Raul Abenojar, Paul Potier, Eddie Mataya, Brady Gollan and the list goes on and on. The players on tv are good but they should have to use smaller pockets for their level of play.

  21. Your just a fool, come see for yourself then speak as if you know anything.

  22. It takes serious talent and consistency to play professionally and win big tournaments. If these players have what you say they have, then they should have no problems competing against the best in the world on these “huge pocketed tables.” If what you say is correct, as soon as one of your guys gets a shot, it’s the beginning of the end for the match right? Gimme a break dude. I’m not sure what your issue is where you’re trying to throw your name in, maybe it’s a bit of envy for the pros? Hmm?

  23. Well if these players are so skilled, and better than top pros, then why haven’t they been signed to major cue companies and sponsors and play on the pro tour? There’s plenty of events that are not by invitation. Of course tight pockets separate the guys who can play versus the drunks at Joe’s Bar that pick up a house cue and fire at the balls, that’s not the point here. The point is your making up these so called “super players” who may run a rack or two, but don’t have it to play pro.

  24. Their are hundreds of players just in the seattle area that play just as good or better then the pro’s on tv, they just happen to not go pro for this reason or that but this does not mean they aren’t very real and these players play just fine on deep tight pockets and they prefer these tighter deeper pockets because it separates the real skilled players from the just ok players and if you don’t believe me come see for yourself.

  25. Alot of pros will even tell you that they prefer tight pockets to trim the luck element away, but it’s not up to them when it comes to the tournaments. Whatever equipment is provided is what they get. You can’t just stop and go grab the tournament director and say “hey dude would you mind shimmin these pockets?” Alot of times pockets aren’t shimmed so tight because then you lose alot of entertainment for the crowd. Who wants to watch missed ball after missed ball?

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