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IPT 2006 – Quinten Hann vs Darren Appleton ( Game 12 )

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IPT 2006 North American Open 8-Ball Championship Las Vegas – Quinten Hann vs Darren Appleton Game 12 [ENG]

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  1. it is just bullshit what you re saying, Ronnie O’Sulllivan should play this game in 2 minutes, insteadt of thinking about the easy balls.
    by the way ronny would never made the stupid mistake on the end, it just confirms how stupid this guy is he cant even position the cue ball, if he played snooker he would not make any breaks higher than 20 lol,

  2. Reyes would wipe the floor with Ronnie but I think Ronnie is that good he could turn his hand to 9 ball relatively easily if he wanted to.

    However, also remember that Reyes can knock in centuries on a snooker table with his American pool cue!

  3. snooker player has the skill to be a decent competitor in professional pool, but there isn’t enugh money and endorsements for them to want to compete

  4. It takes longer in 8 ball because you have the other players balls as obstacles to get around. In snooker you just go back and forth between any red and a colored ball (or coloured ball) and know where you have to get without worrying too much about what is in the way. THATS why 8 ball takes longer to play out. BTW, if snooker was so great, ALL snooker players could come in and wipe the floor with billiard players which they don’t – Reyes would destroy O’Sullivan at 9 ball

  5. Only Ronnie O’Sullivan and Tony Drago can make centuries in 4 minutes

  6. dozyd87: you’re right. How comes snooker players (ALL OF THEM) are so fast and pool players think so long about a simple shot? I am a decent pool player and I never think as much as they do. BMW: last shot was LUCKY tell me whatever you want we was just lukcy to get to the last stripe.

  7. i hate the pool vs snooker arguement! 2 different games

  8. speeds got nout to do with it . its more difficult to think how to finsih an 8ball thn do clear up in snoooker

  9. 6+ minutes for a 8ball clearence… snooker players make century breaks in 4+ minutes..

  10. when yall come to appleton sharks area let me know and ill play you guys for money…you call the price and the game….ill play 🙂

  11. Nikka’s a legend !!!
    and hes not too bad at pool !!!!

  12. Are all pool players this slow?

  13. Chris Melling and Mick Hill also played in these IPT events. They both did pretty well but not as well as Darren. Karl Boyes, who is seen in Darren’s corner in the video also went very well.

  14. 8-ball is a terrible game anyway.

  15. deliverance ur the idiot..

    nikki played darren when he was only 17 and the score was 10-9 then they played again and darren won 10-8

    if you think webster is the best you are blinkered .plus his never beat darren the difference in class massive.

    i am good friends with darren i asked him about the shot on the video to get onto black he said he played it that way its called knowledge!

  16. wow ur an idiot nikka lunn got to the final of the barcalona cup where all the spanish and all british ppl were at that event then he played darren race 2 11 and beat him like 11 6

  17. How much did they play for? £1.00?

  18. so what u no any player can b of the ball 1 day malcom lunn also known as nikka lunn played appleton 4 money and beat him and hes not as good as webby they both play in my teams in the league:):)

  19. Which probably explains why on the one occaision that they played for money Appleton beat Webster about 15-2

  20. good out, got lucky to land so perfect on the black though. Isnt Melling as good as appleton??

  21. darren appleton ive met him hes 2nd best english 8ball player in uk steve webster is no 1!!

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