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The Galveston World Classic Pool Tournament

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Uncategorized

Make plans to attend the newest and largest event in the world of pool. This tournament will have mens, womens, pro and amateur divisions for multiple disciplines. … pool billiards billiard snooker galveston world classic tournament event texas cue sport sports million dollar houston eight nine one pocket ball men women

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  1. Don’t let that hold you back. Texas will show you some hospitality.

  2. lol guess i aint going from the uk

  3. Fly southwest. Its cheap.

  4. Wish I could but alas I am a humble educator.

  5. yea i live in wasington state so yea lol
    is it going to be on tv or something

  6. Any1 willing to buy me a plane ticket so i can go 😀

  7. Its about a 30 minute ride down the freeway from my house.

  8. wow i want to go lol
    but i cant to far

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