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Dr. Cue – Lesson 19 – Side (Lateral) Spin Practice

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Using the same “template of practice” as in Segment #18 a player can quickly see the results and subsequent position benefits of applying different spins to the cue ball. When it is necessary to make the cue ball travel around the table with little effort, full side (lateral) spin will do the trick. A table that appears to play slow can be “made fast” by this side spin test.

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  1. why not just use left english and get it to go off the rail and get position on the eight instead of having to use all 3 cushions

  2. cant really do a stop shot unless u got a straight line

  3. i know what u mean, is ur table professional? or did u get it off a deal

  4. very helpful tip… and nice shot!!!

  5. its you follow thru learn that first then you will get tjat shot he just did

  6. i don’t get how the ball goes through the table like that when i hit mine it just stops in like the area it doesn’t bounce through 3 walls and he barley hits his

  7. I had a hard time with this shot on my home table because I have a slow cloth. Had to hit the cue harder to get the same effect. Good route to memorize.

  8. Sorry – you did in lesson 10!

  9. You didn’t mention how to account for deflection.

  10. Dr. Cue – Lesson 19 – Side (Lateral) Spin Practice

  11. or u can use a stop shot and then put some side english to get the 8 ball w/ ease

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