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Dr. Cue – Lesson 21 – Making the 8 — Ball on the Break!

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

One of the most beautiful and exciting joys in the game is when you make the 8 ball on the break. The proper striking point of the cue ball on the second ball in the rack…combined with the proper cue ball position in relation to the side cushion will help you to make the illusive 8 ball on the break in your quest for game success — Rack Up A Victory!! (For those of you who notice the balls changed, we edited the video so as to illustrate the point. It took Dr. Cue only 3 trys to make the …

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  1. I potted the black a good few times on the break. it’s exactly rare though is it?

  2. you have to bee one of the stupidest ppl in the world you just watched a video on it and you asked that question…. maybe practis or suck it up and play a full game

  3. i bet many

  4. A lot of people spot the 8-ball if it’s sunk of the break, and allow the player who broke to shoot with an open table.

  5. I’m half blind and I can make the 8 ball on the break. without a break cue. Putting the ball two ball lengths from the second diamond works. I prefer the right side though. I also drove the 8 ball through to the corner pocket once. Don’t ask me how.

  6. Thanks for the tip, now I can make it off the break a lot.

  7. For all rules clarifications, please consult your APA Team Manual or your local APA League Operator.

  8. If you were listening in the video, Dr. Cue stated that in APA (American Pool Players) rules, pocketing the 8 ball on the break without scratching results in a win.

  9. This is using APA rules. In BCA/Pro rules the 8-on-the-break rule does not apply

  10. Can someone please tell me, I thought one can ensure an immediate win by pocketing the number 9 ball ONLY in nine ball. However in the game of 8 ball, wont pocketing the number 8 ball make one LOSE? why would anyone in their right mind would learn how to pocket the black ball first? can someone please let me know. was it because of different rules?

  11. how many times?

  12. sick!!!! thanks alot

  13. yeah mckinney its a fake

  14. theres tonnes, like, different pubs make up there own games, the 1s i normaly play are 8 bqall kelly pool and killa pool tho

  15. wow… nice shot and thanks for the tip!

  16. We’ve mentioned this alrady in the comments for this video. Concerning the 13/6 switch. We edited the video so as to illustrate the point. It took Dr. cue only 3 trys to make the 8, which is pretty impressive.

  17. what are all the different types of pool, ( the games)? where can I find out how to set up the balls in the rack?

  18. They even say “two” in the video, making it obvious don’t they?…

  19. is not true, really are two videos, Look at the position of the balls before breaking when you focus and give pause when going to pull, this summer the 6 after 1 but before I was in last position of the right ..

  20. It’s not all that simple. Trust me…

  21. that is awsome now i think i can kick some ass

  22. hahaha same here

  23. my friend and i watched this video and we tried it and together in 1 night we did it 5 times

  24. i did it but the cue fall flew off the table

  25. i’ve tried this a lot of times and i know it works but i have acomplished it once… but i have gotton very very close.

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