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Dr. Cue – Lesson 22 — Suggested 9 — Ball Breaking Position

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: APA Videos

Nine ball players have a better chance of running out if they can spread the balls on the break and make a ball in the process. Learning this suggested

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  1. Wow Dr. Cue! I met and played a game with him once 😀 He lives in Cloverdale, ten mins away from my alma mater 😀 ~misctube

  2. @Trakatero: True, but if you’re doing all the breaking, your opponenet isn’t getting any ponts…

    But I agree, it’s better to play for position in 9-ball… unless you’re Dr. Cue.

  3. Acording to APA rules, if you make the 9 on the break you win the table, but only 2 points, remember in APA the game is about points, so why would you want to only get 2 points if you can get good position to run the table and get more points…

  4. Making the 9 on the break is a win, logically.

    You can hit the 1 – 9, if the 9 goes in, it’s win. Why would it be any different?

  5. yeah good theory there, but execution wasnt that good

  6. Dr. Cue was incorrect in saying that you cannot win 9-ball on the break in the APA. The APA rulebook clearly states that you Can win on the break so long as no foul is committed.

  7. you guys are telling a legend how to play!?!
    u guys suck

  8. looks like he hit it a little to low. He drew it back there it didnt get hit back there

  9. Agreed. A little low on the cue ball and stop it in the middle of the table. Positioning after break.

  10. Cue ball position good, but your hit is dead wrong. Must keep cue ball in middle of table after break.

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