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How to Shoot a Masse Billiard Shot Tips

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Pool Snooker Tips

You’ve all wanted to see the Masse Shot so here you go!
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  1. Yes, I agree and thanks for your comments…


  2. kool we can email

  3. Well, since you’re playing it a bit harder than I personally would it could be a mass

  4. Thanks for your comments – I am familiar with a Swerve Shot based on your description, in my video there is not enough distance to execute a “Swerve Shot” so I had to Masse – and yes I did have to grab the cloth to get around my object ball at a short distance –

    Thanks again for your comments


  5. Your Welcome – Stay in touch and good luck with your game –


  6. Thanks for your kind comment and watching this video. I understand that we not all execute a shot the exact same way; this is why we develop our own technique and style. So when practicing if something works for you keep doing it, never change something that works especially if your getting great results. Good Luck in your game and stay in touch –


  7. i agree, very usefull

  8. thanks helps out a lot ur tips rock!

  9. Swerveshot is the term that is used for this kind of shot in snooker. The difference between a swerve-shot and a mass

  10. A what? A complete reversal of cueball direction would be the most radical example; however, the Mass

  11. This is a swerve, not a mass

  12. Thanks for watching, I’ll have to check it out…


  13. i noticed your break in the beginning of the video. your rack waz very loose, there was a cluster of balls after broken!

  14. MOREEEEE !!

  15. great stuff man

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