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9 ball runout 3

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Free Billiard Video – it was a good runout. the only bad position i played was from the 6 to the 7. i was really straight on it and my pockets a really small. cheating the pocket was no option.

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  1. Good run out. Although on your breaks, u need to spread your feet more and put your hip into it. Good job

  2. very good pool what cue is that and how much and finally where do u get it from?

    i just got the sardo m-5000 its great

  3. I agree with milk, for the most part. I do think, however, that you had little option from the five to the six. The real mistake was from the four to the five, which you only overplayed by an inch or so. It would have been wiser to have cheated the pocket a little with the four so you’d be floating your shape area rather than crossing it. Altogether a decent run. You accepted your small mistakes and never tried to do more than the table let you. Nice work.

  4. That problem was caused by your bad play on the five, causing you to have so little angle on the 6. And if i was you i would have drawn the cue ball on the shot on the seven. That is of course if you are able to do it too.

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