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A Modest Break By Dr.Snooker

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

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  1. thanks alot for replying.greatly appreciated.

  2. Just go to a pool hall and ask around, you’ll probably get much better advice than on youtube!
    There are several pool halls in Singapore (Klassic/Mambo/WCRC) and there’s an equipment shop near Bugis called “the cue factor”. It depends hugely on how much you want to spend and how good you are, also whether it’s snooker or pool 😛

  3. everyone please check out my pool break doesnt compare to this one but i try.and please comment

  4. As all ways Dr. Sooker aims to please, get your cardio while fetching after his pots!!

  5. Greetings.I would like advise on getting a snooker cue stick.What must i look out for ?
    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

  6. forcefollow you’re a teacher a favor is very interesting but I would like your videos you please translate to better understand I speak Spanish do not know if this will be good English. but I hope that you get a translator in Spanish.

  7. yeah I might add, If you plan on buying a real snooker table and you have a subfloor or lower lever floor jacks are a must. You really need at least 4 floor jacks directly beneth the table to prevent damage to your building and also so that walking around doesn’t cause movement on the table

  8. Started playing snooker again once every week or so. Very difficult especially as i am used to playing pool these days. But theres a lot more satisfaction in the long pots. Nice break

  9. Meant to say 400lbs (200kg)

  10. Thanks Marcus. And the commentary is indeed very good. (Other than the first shot which I played as a shot to nothing, considering the odds of making the initial red was pretty low)
    Because it was our last game that day, I decided to drop the yellow in the centre, rather than rolling up to the brown for safety

  11. Correct: 5 pieces of slate, each 2 inches thick and weigh about 200lbs a pop. The entire table weighs around a metric ton. So unless the concrete slab of your house moves, the table really doesn’t settle.

  12. a regular size snooker table is 5 pieces if i’m not mistaken

  13. How difficult is it to keep a snooker table level(table roll at a minimal)? how many pieces of slate is that?

  14. i agree with mrcuesport. i recently moved to thailand from the states, and pretty much all their tables and cues are snooker-style! it’s a lot harder than regulation pool — the pockets are smaller and the tables are gi-normous! no wonder pool players with a snooker background usually have great mechanics and technique.

  15. It’s good to see snooker from America, great break, well done.

  16. Thanks Marcus. Nice to see a snooker vid from you. Are you also a pro sports commentator? I reckon you’d do a great job covering championship snooker!

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