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Australian Oyster Billiard Professional

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Award Winning Master Instructor of the Academy of the Cueing Arts trick shot demo.

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  1. well yes , you make it look easy if I may be honnest,you have a big marge, 100 % sure that the ball goes in, I try it out, prepare your Dvd, I love challange :-)Respect amigo.

  2. Consistent Fine Tuned Stroke, Consistent Routine, Consistent Precision Timing, Perfect Set up and Execution, Sorry I made it look so simple, it’s not!…Free BSACA DVD if you can duplicate this.

  3. I dont understand the meaning of this video

  4. good job, keep it up. 5 stars

  5. Good enough instruction for me, thanks for sharing.

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