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Billiard Instruction Perfect Stance & Stroke Video Analysis

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Tips

Model Keri Gold and Master Instructor Australian Oyster Academy of the Cueing Arts

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  1. billiardinstruction website Academy of the Cueing Arts

  2. I want the whole video of this, where can I order it? This is great stuff and I have been looking stance like this for some time.

  3. DONE Academy of the Cueing Arts Volumes 2 and 7 show this in detail. billiardinstruction website for order information

  4. this video shows a guy already in the perfect stance, but could anyone do a video that shows how to get into this stance, like where do you point your feet, how can you tell how low to lean down and such?

  5. This video did help me a bit, but I just already naturally get in that stance now, I get just like the dude on the video pretty low, it looks a little silly but It really helps me bank more balls, imo stance is the most important factor in making shots, AMIRITE?

  6. Yes Yes Yes Very classy presentation and beautiful place you have there with a sweet student. I have just about duplicated these positions and pocketing balls is so easy now. You surly have made pocketing balls so consistent for me. Thank you so very much for helping us all very much with this, Brilliant info.

  7. Post continued from below,

    …in Snooker coaching but not as much as this!, And I thought that Snooker coaching was way more advanced than Pool or Billiard coaching!,

    Great video, very informative and helpful, please some more of these!

    From your cyber-friend from the Snooker world,


  8. Also, I get the impression that each student has to have the exact copy of your technique, What about if this stance does not work for them and does not get them on the line of aim with perfact comfort, in Snooker, there is no such thing as finding the translational rotational forces, in Snooker, if your back foot is on the line of aim, you are balanced and some of your body weight is forward, then that is the stance! It does go into detail…

  9. Hi Oyster,

    Can you just explain your below description as I do not understand what the translational and rotational forces are!,

    By the way, do you play Snooker or English Billiards (English Billiards being the game with three balls)?

  10. There is a perfect place where a perpendicular impact will produce translational and rotational forces which perfectly cancel each other out at a given pivot point otherwise know as the sweet spot. Given this, YES, there is a fundamental perfect “definition” for the perfect stance/stroke where this will occur.

  11. Tim, quick question…

    Do you think there is only one stance/stroke for everyone, or do you think some different things work better for different people.

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