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Billiard Tips – Breaking from the Box

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Tips

Our man Buddy gives us another option for the 9-Ball break – from “The Box.” Top pro tournaments, like the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship, stipulate that the players must break from a designated area called the Box. Buddy explains it well.

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  1. could someone please recommend a good pool table cleaner?

  2. damn she can get my chalf off any day


  4. this is a good break. Gives a nice layout.

  5. A pretty good shot at the 1 ball? Looks a bit of a thin cut to me.

  6. chalk off the complete pool table cleaner… I think…. i dont know how i know but i know!

  7. oh, maybe try chalk-offfffffffffffff
    it comes with the cleavage chick

  8. Hmmm…. could someone please recommend a good pool table cleaner?

  9. Yeah I’ve hard that many times but the official 9-ball rules used in all major american tournaments state only the one and nine are fixed, and that applying any order in the rest of the balls results in a one game deficit.

  10. I was told that you do it ascending order with the nine in the middle. Thanks, that’s going to save some time racking.

  11. Only the 1 and 9 are in fixed positions. I’ve heard people say that the 8 goes on te back and some other things, but it’s not in the rules.

  12. I thought the eight was supposed to be on the bottom of the diamond, not the side/corner.

  13. never could figure out a 9ball break. thanks for the post.

  14. probably one of the best points to do the break, and indeed, a lot of pro

  15. thx i’ll do that on online pool and c if it works lol and i’ll try it 4 real.

  16. Despite the annoying three-peat jingo at the end, this is an acceptable amount of advertising for a good how-to video. This is how one should do advertising.

  17. thanx for posting bclub!!!!!

  18. nice break videos

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